Our majesty, Lord Scott Disick himself recently had a major “oh shit” moment. On Instagram, Sir Disick accidentally copy and pasted his advertisers’ instructions about how to promote a specific protein powder in his Instagram caption. OOPS.

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Photo courtesy of @letthelordbewithyou on Instagram

On cyberspace, Scott Disick exists under the handle “letthelordbewithyou.” Unfortunately, he is far from #blessed after incorrectly following through with a promo for protein powder. He had one small job, and yet he was unable to sufficiently follow through.

According to an article on Jezebel, each of the Lord’s sponsored posts generate between $15,000 and $20,000 worth of income. The man basically gets paid to post pictures and mention brands in his captions, similar to many other celebrities who crowd the virtual streets of Instagram. Disick’s error reveals the false nature of celebrity recommendations. Next time you see a celebrity “advocating” for a brand on social media, just remember who probably wrote the caption for the photo.

product posts

GIF courtesy of Giphy.com