No one can tell me that they haven't binge-watched Gossip Girl at least twice in their lifetime. As a youngin', my sister and I would snuggle up on the couch and watch it week to week, but now, I get to binge 10 episodes in one night all thanks to Netflix. However, if you're out on the town for a lit weekend, here is your go-to drink list if you're trying to ball out like the Gossip Girl characters. 

Chuck Bass: Straight Up Whiskey

Straight up whiskey. In at each episode, at least one time you can catch Chuck posted up in his luxurious apartment, with a smoldering stare looking fine as hell and holding a glass of whiskey. If you're really into the taste of fine alcohol and being sophisticated, this is for you.

Blair Waldorf: Champagne

Champagne is classy, fabulous, fierce, and strong, just like our Miss Blair. Nothing can top a great glass of champagne to celebrate or treat yourself. There's no situation where champagne isn't appreciated. 

Dan Humphrey: PBR

A rough around the edges kind of guy, you either love him or you don't. Beer is an acquired taste and also a little bitter, just like Lonely Boy.  

Serena van der Woodsen: Martini

Again, another classy option but with a bit of a kick. Serena can be a wildcard, similar to the flavor of a martini. You never know what to expect from her, just like how you never know how your night will end up after a few martinis are in your system. 

Nate Archibald: Old Fashioned

Nate is sharp and sweet like an Old Fashioned. Golden Boy never disappoints with his earth-shattering good looks and compassionate personality. He's always there for you, just like an Old Fashioned

Jenny Humphrey: Vegas Bomb

I think this one speaks for itself, but in case you were unsure, Little J is spitfire. You know you're about to have yourself a night when Vegas Bombs are involved. It's always drama and always something extra when Jenny Humphrey is present. 

Dorota: Dessert Wine

Ah, don't you just love Dorota? She makes you want to ask for advice. She is a treat, just like the wine that pairs flawlessly with your dessert of choice (hopefully chocolate). 

Lily van der Woodsen: Vodka On The Rocks

Straight up, Lily serves the sass and the class. Vodka on the rocks is for those who can handle it and for the hardcore. Lily is a boss and always does what she can to get what she wants. 

Rufus Humphrey: Hard Cider

Rufus is a prime example of a brooding man. He always wants to do what's right, is a little too nice, and often very reflective of the world around him. Hard cider is a warm, comfortable drink, just like Rufus. 

Georgina: Spiked Drink

Georgina is super shady, just like a spiked drink. She's always up to plot against someone and is the definition of "up to no good". Avoid her at all costs and always watch your back. 

You are fully prepared for your night out. Channel your inner GG character and spice up your night.