Few things are better than reliving the glory days of "Gossip Girl," except doing so with a glass of merlot (or a bottle of tequila, Serena-style) in hand. Succumb to your two favorite forms of binging — Netflix and wine — with the ultimate Gossip Girl Drinking game. You could even throw some macarons into the mix in honor of our beloved Queen B.

#SpoonTip: Please drink responsibly, Upper East Siders. Binge drinking is not cool and will get you kicked off the steps of the Met. Also, beware, spoilers may be included here. 

Sip when... 

1. Blair wears a headband or knee-length socks (Take two sips if either has a bow)

2. Dan stutters and looks confused

3. Jenny looks like a raccoon (aka anytime Jenny is on screen post-season-two)

4. Nate looks pouty or brooding (because tbh, he only has two facial expressions)

5. Dorota says "Meester Chuck" or "Mees Blair"

6. Sere-nate are being adorable (they were clearly the superior couple)

7. Serena wears clothing that your parents would not approve of

8. Gossip Girl says "Hey, Upper East Siders..."

9. The Humphrey's mention waffles, chili or any food really... (take a full shot if it's Rufus)

Take a shot when... 

1. Serena and Blair get into a fight that is blown out of proportion (down your drink if they're friends again before the episode ends)

2. Chuck drinks alone

3. Georgina resurfaces from whatever hovel she's been banished to and ruins everything

4. Gossip Girl blasts occur *beep beep*

5. Sex

6. Blair rolls her eyes

7. Someone calls Dan "Lonely Boy"

8. Dan and Jenny complain about being "poor" (like, it's Williamsburg and they live in a loft, let's be real...)

Finish your drink when...

1. Anyone schemes

2. Serena's ~deep, dark~ past is revealed (bonus shot if it screws something up)

3. Chuck wears purple

4. Serena bites her lip (or seductively eats strawberries)

5. Dan is BLATANTLY, OBVIOUSLY Gossip Girl (sorry, folks, we warned you)

6. And, of course, to end every game... when Gossip Girl says "XOXO"