Despite three bridges connecting to Manhattan, Brooklyn could not be any more different — especially Williamsburg. The trees wear sweaters in the winter, the Whole Foods has a La Croix wall, and the food is, well, vegan-y. But what if I told you some of the best cheesy, buttery, and carb-y food in the borough were right under your nose?

That's right: I'm going to show you how to eat your way through Williamsburg, one good eat at a time. 

1. For when you want to eat a rainbow: The Bagel Store

pastry, goody, candy, cookie, cake, cream, sweet, chocolate
Beatrice Forman

Say what you want about someone who calls himself a "bagel artist," but Scott Rosillo and the rest of the crew at the Bagel Store are onto something. There's something extra special about eating a rainbow bagel. It brings back memories of wanting to eat cake for breakfast, except the cake is the color of a sunset, smeared with confetti cream cheese, and surprisingly yummy.

2. For when you crave some Southern hospitality: Beehive Oven Biscuit Cafe

chicken, salad
Beatrice Forman

Everybody knows that you can't have a proper Southern meal without biscuits. Lucky for all you Brooklynites, Beehive Oven has been churning out some of the hottest biscuits since 2014. Smothered in gravy and served with a heaping pile of bacon, these biscuits will seriously up your brunch game. 

3. For when you need a Mediterranean cruise: Zizi Limona

meat, vegetable
Beatrice Forman

While Zizi Limona can't promise you an all-expense paid trip around the Mediterranean coast, it can offer you some of the most authentic Israeli food in the city. The masabacha (the vividly yellow hummus) looks and tastes like sunshine, and the pita is the size of your head. Really, what more do you need? 

4. For when you want to eat family-style alone: The Brooklyn Star

Beatrice Forman

Talk about having your sides and eating them too. On the weekends, the Brooklyn Star serves family-style meals. This means you can eat fried chicken, a bowl of mashed potatoes, and a skillet of mac n'cheese simultaneously. So bring your friends (or a really big appetite) and get to eatin'. 

5. For when a regular chicken parm just won't do: Emmy Squared Pizza

cheese, bacon
Beatrice Forman

When I first ate at Emmy Squared, I saw something out of the "Twilight Zone" — a line outside a pizza place. Initially, I thought these people were trippin'. Who waits for pizza?

These people, however, weren't crazy. Emmy Squared genuinely is that good. It takes all the aspects of good Italian food and elevates them. The chicken parm is served on a pretzel bun, the margarita pizza is topped with burrata, and dessert is straight from your favorite pie shop, Four & Twenty Blackbirds. 

6. For when you want that classic, Manhattan brunch but refuse to take the subway: The Rabbithole

sauce, chocolate
Beatrice Forman

I present you Williamsburg's answer to the Cookshop/Clinton Street Baking Company/Lafayette/whatever other Manhattan restaurant people are blogging about: The Rabbithole.

The Rabbithole is life-changing. Upon entering, you are entranced by the smell of maple syrup, hot potatoes, and sizzling bacon. Everything is top notch, from the stuffed french toast to their salads. You're guaranteed to leave feeling full, happy, and satisfied, which are feelings that Williamsburg basically trademarked.

So if you find yourself in Williamsburg, you can rest assured knowing you're surrounded by incredible food.