"Oranges taste better in the shower," "shower oranges will make you happy," and "the experience of eating oranges in the shower could change your life" are only a few of the claims that have been sparking the question "do oranges actually taste better in the shower?"  After the recent shower orange Reddit craze, I decided to actively see for myself if this experience is truly as magical as many speculate. 

Pre-Shower Orange Thoughts

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Sarah Morrissey

Before showering, honestly, I was a bit wary of this phenomenon. Isolated, both showering and consuming oranges are wonderful distinct entities and I did not quite understand why they needed to be mixed. Whether it was out of mere curiosity or for the sake of science, I proceeded with the experiment, despite my reservations. 

The Shower Orange Experience

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Sarah Morrissey

Upon stepping into the moderately warm shower, I set the orange right next to my collection of shampoo, conditioner, and soap, allowing it to get acquainted with its new environment before its inevitable fate of ending up inside my belly. After a few minutes of contemplation, I decided it was finally time to see if the shower orange experience was all it was cracked up to be. I broke into the peel and a chunk of it immediately fell to my feet, showing my inability to peel an orange in one piece. The aroma of the fresh cold orange surpassed any cheap store brand body wash, filling the air with a pleasant scent. I continued to peel, finally arriving at the succulent orange, which in fact, did taste as fantastic as previously claimed.

Post Shower Orange Analysis

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Sarah Morrissey

Despite my initial hesitation, the shower orange proved to be an overall positive experience.  The aroma of the orange was amplified by the steam in the shower, making for a citrusy bathe.  After eating an orange in the shower, I found the biggest and most practical benefit was the lack of mess.  Oranges are notorious for leaving sticky residues with whatever they come in contact with.  However, the constant flow of water from the shower head resolved any stickiness or juice spraying that occurred.  

All in all, the shower orange experience was surprisingly refreshing to say the least.  While it would be a bold statement to say that this endeavor per-say "changed my life," it did add a bit of freshness and spontaneity to my average Friday.  Based on my experience, I suggest picking up your favorite citrus fruit the next time you are at the store and see for yourself if eating oranges in the shower is for you.