Fun fact of the day: there's a group of about 8,000 people hanging around the internet, expressing their love for eating oranges in the shower. When I first heard this, I thought it was the weirdest thing ever. This has to be a joke, right? Some Internet trolls? Not at all.

The trend started about a year ago when someone posted on an online thread asking about "unconventional things everyone will enjoy." Of course, with the internet being the internet, it didn't take long for the trend of shower oranges to catch on.

If you're still thinking about how weird this is, consider how messy it can be to eat an orange: the rind getting stuck under your fingernails, the juice squirting in your eye, white stuff stuck to your fingers no matter how many times you wash your hands. The only good thing that results from eating an orange (besides the taste) is probably the smell of citrus that stays on your hands for hours after.

Now picture eating an orange in the shower. Any rind stuck on your fingers, any juice that squirts on you--it's all washed away, just like that. All citrus, no mess. Genius? Quite possibly.

The best part—besides, you know, eating an orange without making a big juicy mess—is that everyone in the orange-eating-in-the-shower-squad is totally chill about it. In fact, one of the group's established rules is to be kind to other members, and encourage each other to be the "best shower oranges they can be."

Their other rules: "no nudity" in shower orange pics online, and "grapefruits don't count." Sorry, not sorry, grapefruit. Only oranges at this party.

So if you're ever pressed for time in the morning, no need to give up time for breakfast to take your shower, or vice versa. Thanks to this internet trend, you can get in your daily cleansing along with the most important meal of the day. Your mom will be so proud.