Like most college students, I'm not a morning person. Having class at the crack of dawn (okay fine, 8 am, but same thing) means the only way I have a fighting chance of getting a bite to eat and still making it to class on time is if I make a super speedy dorm room breakfast.  

Even if it's spent repeatedly hitting that snooze button, we all know those extra five minutes in bed are sacred, but then again, so is food, which is why these lightening quick dorm room breakfast ideas are totally worth multitasking my way through my morning routine. You will never have to skip breakfast or be late to class again.

1. Dirty Chai

tea, coffee
Lissane Kafie

Half coffee, half chai. To make this, you need a 1/2 cup of milk, 1/2 cup of chai, and 1/2 cup of coffee. You can sip on it as you go through your morning routine or pour it into a travel mug and take it with you to class. 

Honestly, if there was ever a good reason to wake up in the morning, it’s to have a dirty chai. It’s a quick fix that'll give you goosebumps and hold you over until you can get your hands on some real food after class. 

2. Oatmeal 

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Christin Urso

Be careful with this one. Oatmeal packets can have ridiculous amounts of sugar in them. Don't get me wrong, they taste amazing, but believe me when I tell you that before you know it, that sugar high is gonna be gone and your 9 am Biology class will be even less bearable than before.

Instead, choose options that are low in added sugars and high in fiber. Throw in a handful of trail mix to add an extra kick of protein and crunch to this bomb dorm room breakfast. Try some of these crazy oatmeal ideas to switch things up a bit every now and then. 

3. Avocado Toast

bread, vegetable, toast, sandwich
Heather Feibleman

Avocado toast seems like such an exotic thing to eat, but in reality, it takes less than five minutes to prepare. Grab a ripe avocado and mash it on top of a slice of toast. Stick a sliced hard-boiled egg on top and sprinkle on some salt or red pepper and dig in.

It's a perfect balance of the coolness from the avocado between the heat from the toast and egg. What better way to start your day off than with a dorm room breakfast packed with fiber, healthy fats, and protein?

4. Almond Butter, Banana, and Honey Toast

bread, wheat, butter, toast
Madison Mounty

When my roommate introduced me to almond butter, it was love at first spoonful. Whip up this easy and quick dorm room breakfast by toasting a slice of your favorite bread, slathering on some almond butter (a tablespoon or two is perfect), and topping it off with banana slices and a drizzle of honey.  

5. Yogurt Parfait

granola, muesli, yogurt, cereal, honey
Jaime Wilson

Yogurt parfaits might just be my favorite dorm room breakfast dish. The best part about them is that you can go crazy with the toppings. I love filling up on a yummy bowl of vanilla Greek yogurt with chia and flax seeds, plus whatever fruit I have on hand.

You can also add granola or nuts to make it extra crunchy. Whatever you choose, I can almost guarantee it'll do the trick.

6. Almond Butter and Jam Toast

toast, bread, sweet, cake, jam, pastry, sandwich, butter
Christin Urso

As I mentioned before, almond butter drives me nuts (see what I did there?). Running out the door after sloppily spreading it on bread with your favorite jam will have you feeling like a kid again, biting into your mom's pb&j sandwich—except fancier because this is college and you're an adult. 

7. Cereal and Almond Milk

sweet, corn, blueberry, cornflakes, berry, cereal
Kirby Barth

You can never go wrong with a bowl of cereal when you’re running late in the morning (or any time of day, really). Like the yogurt parfait, you can keep things exciting by topping this dorm room breakfast with fruits, nuts or seeds for extra color and taste.  

8. Strawberry Cheesecake Toast 

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Think dessert in under five minutes is impossible? Meet your new favorite dorm room breakfast. Spread ricotta or cream cheese on some toast and top it with either strawberry jam or freshly sliced strawberries and you'll swear you're biting into a piece of classic cheesecake.

Sure, it may not be The Cheesecake Factory, but you'll make it to your lecture, and your tummy (and your wallet) will thank me later.

Nom on any one of these quick and simple quick dorm room breakfast ideas to make your 8 am a little more bearable and your mornings a little less chaotic.