In 2016, we saw foods presented in mason jars or prepared with matcha and decorated in all sorts of rainbow colours, sprinkles, and glitter. As Instagram-worthy this might all be, all these trends of making food seem a little inconvenient or at least, tedious. Enter: steaming.

Steaming is not only convenient but is one of the healthier options for preparing your meals. Whether you use a microwave, a pot with some water, or an actual steamer basket, I promise you will not regret your resolution to steam more food this year.

1. Steaming Cooks Anything

You most likely connect steaming with vegetables like carrots, beans, or broccoli. What you might not know is that you can cook almost anything with the steaming method. This includes foods like fish, rice, and even meat

2. Stronger Flavouring 

Another misconception is that steamed food is flavourless. Well yes, it might taste a little bland but that doesn't keep you from adding some seasoning yourself. Also, did I mention that steaming preserves flavours better than any other cooking method? 

#SpoonTip: Add spices to the water used for steaming, as this gives the food more flavouring than by putting it on the actual food. 

3. It Uses No Oil

Although frying food is favoured by most people, it is not necessarily the healthiest way to prepare food. By steaming food, you're not using any oil, therefore you're getting it in its best, rawest form. Although I will admit that a slab of butter on steamed food after it's prepared is quite heavenly. 

4. No Chance of Burning

Let's try to minimize those kitchen disasters this year. With steaming, regardless of the method you choose to use, you run zero risk of burning your food and possibly ruining your evening.

5. Packed With Vitamins & Minerals

Similar to flavour, steaming also keeps vitamins and minerals in the food. Don't be too quick to think it's the best method, however. Broccoli appeared to keep most of its nutrients when steamed but other studies determined that it's actually dependent on the type of vegetable, not the preparation. 

Microwaving gets a pretty bad rep, but it was found that chickpeas retain more B-vitamins in this way than when they're boiled. Regardless, steaming is still one of the healthier preparation methods that we can all benefit from both in convenience and nutrition. 

It might not seem like the most exciting New Year's resolution, but beginning to steam a few of your foods can be the first step to leading a healthier lifestyle, especially when your resolution was to lose weight or become more fit. You'd be surprised how fulfilling, and even appetizing it can be.