Yeah, it sucks that we're all quarantined at home, but it's out of our control so we might as well make the best out of it. Use this time to be productive, pick up a new hobby and stay virtually connected with your friends or co-workers. Below are 6 unique ways to stay busy at home during quarantine. 

1. Set Up Themed Zoom Dates

Zoom seems to be the only company that's thriving during this pandemic — so use it to your advantage! I'm sure you already need a break from your family after being stuck at home with them for days. Hit up some friends, choose a theme or activity, set up a time and text them a Zoom link for a virtual hangout with as many friends as you want. A few of my favorite Zoom date activities include happy hours, cooking tutorials, birthday celebrations or book clubs. 

2. Do Arts & Crafts

Melissa Simon

Why not take up a new hobby when you've got nothing better to do with your time? Arts & crafts can even be therapeutic, stress-relieving and soothing for your mental health. Whether it's painting, doing Origami, ordering a coloring book or making jewelry or friendship bracelets, arts & craft activities can bring you back to your childhood and help the time pass by faster. I personally decided to order a coloring book on Amazon last week and I've been addicted to it ever since.

3. Spend Time Outside

Melissa Simon

It's important to get fresh air and sunlight during quarantine. I suggest going on daily walks around your block, bike-riding around the neighborhood, taking a stroll along the beach or finding a nearby hiking trail. Being surrounded by nature can relax you and calm your anxieties. Walking to a restaurant to order food (to-go, of course) can also be a productive and worthwhile outdoor activity. 

4. Join a Virtual Workout Class

Since every workout place is currently shut down, many of them are continuing to provide virtual classes. Find a large space in your house, put down a yoga mat, grab some water, blast a fun workout playlist and tune in to a virtual yoga class, ab workout or cardio training. For an intense workout that will make you sweaty and sore, check out Kamps Fitness, Peloton, or Corepower Yoga.

5. Clean Out Your Closet

Might as well do a spring cleaning while you're stuck at home. Try on old outfits and throw out clothes you haven't worn in months. Fill up bags with clothes that either don't fit you anymore or have gone out of style so you can donate them to those in need. Maybe even try color coordinating your closet for an aesthetically pleasing look that will spice up your morning routine. Check out this eBook for professional tips on personal styling and creating new looks from your existing closet.

6. Dress Up to Go Downstairs

Who says you can't dress up in a skirt and heels or a suit and tie to enjoy a classy dinner with your family in your dining room? Taking the time to do your makeup, straighten your hair and put on a fancy or stylish outfit will make you feel confident and refreshed. Turn up the music downstairs, make yourself a cocktail (or two or three) and act as if you're going out for dinner. It'll boost your mood and make your time at home more entertaining. 

It's up to you whether or not you want to turn this pandemic into a time of positivity, rejuvenation, relaxation and productivity. The 6 tips above will teach you how to stay busy at home during quarantine. Try them out to boost your mood instead of feeling lethargic, bored and lazy.