Need to amp up that workout/life playlist and add some flavour to your workout? Well, here are five websites that will not only show you new music and remixes, but also with add flare and style to the art of working out. So get moving and get looking for the tunes that will bring you to your feet.

1. Hype Machine

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For only $5, you can purchase this app that allows you to search all genres and artists with top remixes and more. By adding friends or others on Hype Machine, you will be able to also see what they are listening to right now or in the past.

2. The Sweat Style


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A popular fitness instructor and DJ around Calgary, Joanna Magik fills her days with posting on her lifestyle blog about music, clothes, and more.

3. Pitchfork

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From the latest news to album reviews, Pitchfork brings a new perspective to the love and appreciation for music. Constantly on high alert for the latest collaborations and releases, this website will keep you updated and allow your playlist to be fresh and fun.

4. Satisfying Sounds

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The freshest and newest beats that will get your heart pumping and the blood moving. Make sure to tune into this website and Soundcloud account that will make sure to keep you up to date with the newest and best music.

5. Tiny Mix Tapes

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Keeping it fresh and comical, Tiny Mix Tapes provides you with every kind of playlist for every kind of mood. Up, down, or anywhere in between, visit the mix tape section and get your hunting glasses on.