Sticking to your usual gym routine in the summer can get rather boring. The weather is nice, so you want to get outside and enjoy it, but running in the heat is also a drag. That's why hiking is the best exercise to change up your workout.

Hiking gets you out of the gym and into the world around you, and there are endless perks. The list of perks hiking offers should give you the motivation take your next exercise adventure into the great outdoors. 

The Snacks

peanut, almond, nut
Christin Urso

Hiking can be a tough workout, so you have to make sure you fuel up with the best healthy snacks to keep you going. Opt for nutrient-dense foods that are also relatively light in weight, because you don't want to be lugging a super heavy backpack up and down a mountain.

Some good snack options are trail mix, granola bars, and a meat jerky. Snacks like these are great because you have endless flavor and combination choices. You can always switch it up if you get bored.

Try making your own trail mix for the healthiest ingredients.

The People

Hiking is also a great way to bond with others. Climbing a mountain is hard, and the experience is even more rewarding when you have people to sweat, laugh, and maybe even cry with.

You'll end the day with tons of funny stories to tell and memories to cherish for months to come. Also, you'll get lots of fun pictures to share, because your best friends are always the best photographers. 

The View

Hannah Bernier

There's nothing quite like getting to the top of the mountain and looking out at the world below and around you. Beautiful mountains, greenery, and water are all laid out at your feet. Depending on what time of day you choose to go, you also might get the opportunity to witness a sunrise or sunset.

It's also neat to look around to see that you're the tallest thing nearby. Being above the treetops gives you a whole new perspective, and it makes you appreciate the beauty of the world. 

The Satisfaction

One of the best feelings is getting to the bottom of a mountain after a long day of hiking. You look back up at what you just climbed and feel a huge sense of satisfaction about what your body just did. You crushed a killer leg workout, bonded with friends, and enjoyed yummy snacks with a great view along the way.

Next time you're looking to change up your workout routine, grab your sneakers and some friends and find a mountain nearby. Hiking might become your next go-to outdoor activity.