October is officially the beginning of festivities season. With Thanksgiving, Oktoberfest, and Halloween this month, many of us college students are prepping for a lot of drinking. However, if you're trying to keep the weight off, you'll definitely want to consider swapping out those pints of beer for some of these 7 low-calorie cocktails. 

1. Gin and Tonic

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A classic loved by people of all ages. I tend to order these anywhere I go whether it's at a bar or restaurant because I always know exactly what's going into it (gin + tonic, duh). 

2. Vodka Soda (or tequila)

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Like a gin and tonic, vodka or tequila sodas are a great option because they don't contain any grenadine or sugary syrups which are often where a lot of the calories come from. If this sounds a little plain for you, you can always jazz it up with some lime for extra flavor.

3. Manhattan

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This one is for those of you who prefer dark liquors over clear. Again, another cocktail that most of the time doesn't contain any extra added sugars or flavorings. 

4. Vodka and Ginger Beer

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This is something I just discovered this summer and probably my go-to drink at the moment. It's like a mix between a vodka soda and a Moscow mule so it's perfect for those who enjoy something with a little more spice. 

5. Mojito

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Mojitos can often be pumped full of sugars or syrups if you order a flavored one, but a simple mojito can sometimes contain very simple ingredients and have only a tiny bit of sugar. 

6. Martini

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David Wu

Again, this one depends on what kind of martini you order, but if you stick with the classic martini there isn't much in it that will add on the calories. 

7. Wine

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I know this one isn't a cocktail, but I always believe wine is the safest bet when it comes to drinking, especially if you're going to be drinking a lot. It's even been shown that a glass of red wine can be beneficial to your health.

So it seems that the rule of thumb is the fewer ingredients that go into a cocktail the better. Hopefully, these 7 low-calorie cocktails will help you feel more at ease with all the parties to come.