April showers bring May flowers and free Dunkin’ coffee. Dunkin' has made some drastic changes to their app and rewards program, but after loyal fans complained, they gave us a strong lineup of May offers and new menu items. All rewards and free offers are exclusive to members of the Dunkin app. There are five weeks in the month, and I might have a way for you to get a free drink at least once each week. Here's how you can take advantage of the free Dunkin' menu items available in May.

Free rewards on the Dunkin' app

As you go to Dunkin more often, ALWAYS make sure to scan your app. You can redeem something free for as low as 150 points. Unlike free coffee Mondays, the offers below are, unfortunately, one use only.

Free Medium Hot or Iced Coffee Mondays

With any purchase, you can get free coffee each Monday. The other day, I ordered three chocolate glazed munchkins (YUM) and got a free medium iced coffee and a snack for $1.09. A win is a win. As long as you buy something, you will get a free coffee. Don’t forget to add some flavor swirls!

Free Medium Iced Coffee

For one use only, you can activate the offer for a free medium iced coffee with purchase.

Free Medium Dunkin’ Midnight Coffee

With purchase, you can get a free medium hot midnight blend coffee. The Dunkin’ Midnight blend is perfect for finals season. It has a rich flavor profile and is touted as Dunkin’s “darkest blend yet”: a dark roast with a hint of bittersweet chocolate notes.

$2 rewards on the Dunkin' app

These items aren’t free, but at a discounted price are a great chance to try something new.

$2 Medium Signature Latte

If you’ve ever had a latte from Dunkin’, you KNOW this is a steal. 

$2 Refresher

With the incoming heat wave of summer, refreshers are a great alternative to iced coffee. They have new flavors like Raspberry Watermelon and returning Mango Pineapple Lemonade

$2 Croissant Stuffer

Now you’ve got your drink order down after using all of the above rewards. With the purchase of your perfected Dunkin’ drink, you can get a croissant stuffer for only $2 (when it’s normally nearly $5).