In honor of National Donut Day (June 7), you can bet that I will be at my local Dunkin' getting a double chocolate donut. There is truly no combination to better help celebrate the end of another long week. Plus, you get to make your co-workers disappointed when their morning coffee didn't come with a free donut. 

One of the only downsides to living in Colorado is the unfortunate lack of Dunkin'. It's okay because I am able to get my fix in other parts of the country, and it makes traveling that much better. 

Double Chocolate

Double chocolate donuts are the best. They are a fluffy chocolate donut topped with a rich chocolate frosting. This combination is amazing. In the summer, the frosting melts slightly and becomes a gooey delight, and in the winter, the frosting prevents the donut from freezing the moment you walk outside. They may not be covered in bright colors or sprinkles, but I'll take taste over looks any day at Dunkin'. 

Chocolate Glazed 

Chocolate glazed donuts are the more traditional, but no less tasty, chocolate donut option at Dunkin'. The fluffy chocolate donut is coated in the same iconic topping seen on other glazed donuts. The sugary glaze balances the chocolate flavor of the donut. During the summer, the glaze melts on your fingers, and leaves a sweet snack for later, and during the winter, it makes a great dipping item for your hot coffee. 

#SpoonTip: Place the glazed chcolate donut on top of your iced tea (through the straw) for that envy-inducing insta post. 

Glazed Chocolate (Munchkins) 

Just like how mini M&M's taste better than regular M&M's, Munchkins are just as good, if not better, than full size donuts; glazed chocolate munchkins are the best of the best. They provide all of the good things about large chocolate glazed donuts, but they are bite-sized. Unlike the powdered donuts that leave you looking like a snowman, or the jelly-filled donuts that squirt red goo all down your shirt, the chocolate ones are perfect. They are a perfect bite of chocolate goodness, and you won't feel guilty for eating ten. 

The chocolate donuts are always available. Unlike other seasonal flavors (heart shaped with pink icing for Valentines Day) that are only available for a limited time each year, chocolate is served 365 days per year. You never have to worry that Dunkin' isn't serving them, and there is never a bad time to eat a chocolate donut. 

Chocolate donuts from Dunkin' Donuts are their best creation. They are my favorite item in the whole store, and I will go there just to get a single donut, even when they're not free. The two kinds of chocolate donuts at Dunkin' are perfection, and I love them both equally.