I would be lost without Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Not just that, but everything about Dunkin' just makes me happy. There's just something about the coffee and donut combo that instantly brightens up any day. Since I drink coffee more than, say, the "average person," I would say that I'm somewhat of an expert on this topic, particularly Dunkin'. I actually don't remember the last time that I went more than like five days without it. Needless to say, I have some favorites at America's (and my) favorite coffee shop. Here are a list of the best drinks at Dunkin' Donuts, ranked.

8. Blueberry Iced Coffee

A super unique flavor that makes for a delicious cup of joe! The flavor is rich and sweet without overpowering the flavor of the coffee. It tastes exactly like you are eating a blueberry muffin and is the perfect morning pick-me-up. Because the blueberry flavor is a flavor shot, it has no added sugar.

7. Coconut Iced Coffee

This flavor is DELICIOUS (and totally underrated). There's just something about the light and summery flavor of coconut that I love. Also, this flavor comes from a flavor shot so it's sugar-free and a lot healthier for you than iced coffee with other sugary flavorings in it is. Two thumbs up from me! 

6. Bottled Iced Coffee (Espresso)

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Alex Frank

This drink is perfect for those mornings when you're in a major rush and want Dunkin', but don't have time to stop. Although it comes in a variety of flavors, I find that the espresso one is the best for me as it gives me the amount of caffeine that I need to get through my day and it is super yummy, too.

5. Iced Tea

Although I am a die-hard coffee gal, a friend of mine got me hooked on DD's iced tea. I think it's their lemon to tea ratio that really has me loving it. Plus, I love that I can sweeten the tea myself so I know that I'm getting exactly what I want. 

4. Regular Coffee

There's nothing better than a plain old cup of joe, and if that's what you're on the hunt for, look no further. Dunkin' knows what they're doing when it comes to hot coffee. Even with no sugar or creamer added in their coffee is delicious and sweet. It has a nutty flavor that makes my taste buds crave on the daily. The coffee is never watery either, which is obviously a huge plus. 

3. Hazelnut Iced Coffee

As a self-proclaimed Nutella addict, you can (and should) trust my advice when I tell you that this stuff is so good. Although extremely underrated, Dunkin's hazelnut flavor shot is not one to underestimate. The flavor is so powerful, smooth, and creamy. It literally tastes like you're drinking Nutella in your coffee. I mean, what more could you really ask for?

2. Caramel Iced Coffee

Caramel iced coffee has been a favorite of many, myself included, since the beginning of time. I feel like I can always judge how good a coffee shop is by how good their caramel iced coffee is. Dunkin's smooth, rich coffee in combination with the decadent, perfectly sweet caramel makes it some of the best around. 

#SpoonTip: If you want the same caramel flavor, but don't want the added sugar that comes along with Dunkin's "flavor swirls," try a sugar-free "flavor shot." Check out these other healthy Dunkin' Donuts options for more swaps you can make.

1. Hot Caramel Macchiato

A fellow Spoon writer told me that this drink was bomb, and he was so right. The smooth coffee mixed with the steamed milk and caramel flavoring is unbelievably good and is truly something that you must taste for yourself. 

Although everything at Dunkin' is simply delicious, these are the best of the best. And I mean, really, is there anything better than a good cup of joe? I think not.