If you're a fan of the TV show "Parks and Rec," then the two things you probably associate with it the most are Galentine's Day and waffles. Galentine's Day—aka the day before Valentine's Day—is known for gal pals getting together and having a good time, whether splurging on brunch or playing a themed drinking game. And, if you're anything like Leslie Knope, you'll definitely order waffles as a part of your brunch spread.

But, what if you could have waffles for every meal on Galentine's Day? You know your girls will support you, and here's how. 

Breakfast: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Clarisse Callahan

Waffles > over bagels, BECause why not? Give this classic breakfast sandwich a makeover for Galentine's Day by sandwiching bacon, egg, and cheese between two waffles. (Bonus points if the yolk runs into the waffle dents!)

Lunch: Chicken and Waffle Sliders

syrup, gravy, cake, pastry
Katie Elliott

Food is always better when you can share it with your gal pals, amirite? These chicken and waffle sliders are perfect for a Galentine's picnic lunch. They're the perfect, fun twist on  on traditional chicken and waffles.

Snack: Waffle S'mores

waffle, chocolate, sweet, pastry, cream, cake, candy, syrup, cookie
Audrey Mirabito

S'mores aren't just for the campfire. Gather your girls around your kitchen table or living room to indulge in these waffle s'mores, and feel free to add some ice cream to the s'mores for an extra sweet treat.

Dinner: Beer Batter Waffle with Carne Asada

sandwich, meat, chicken, bread
FoodBeast FoodBeast

IMO, waffles make pretty good taco-shell substitutes (even for desserts.) So, why not use them to hold some smoky carne asada drizzled in hot sauce? Genius, I know. 

Dessert: Chocolate Waffles

chocolate, peanut butter, candy, cream, peanut, sweet
Sydney Spaulding

Why wait until Valentine's Day to eat chocolate? Spend the last hours of Galentine's Day chowing down on these chocolate waffles with your gals. Maybe you could even save some of the leftovers for the day after. That means even more V-Day chocolate to go around!

With Galentine's right around the corner, it's a great time to get together with your gal pals and celebrate how much you all mean to each other. Waffles for every meal just makes the holiday all the better, and you know you can't say no to eating them with your girls while binge-watching "Parks and Rec."