In a time of edible cookie dough and insane milkshakes, it's pretty much impossible for college students not to be obsessed with next-level desserts. Granted, those of us living on campus are stuck with our dining hall's just-meh dessert selection, and while pints of Ben & Jerry's never fail to be a letdown—The Tonight Dough, though—it's more fun to switch it up now and then.  

Enter ice cream waffle tacos, an easy-to-make treat that combines pretty much every college student's fave meal with the breakfast staple. Just make sure your go-to dining hall houses a waffle maker and sells ice cream by the scoop, and get ready to become a trendsetter on campus with your dessert-making creativity.

Ice Cream Waffle Tacos

  • Prep Time:3 mins
  • Cook Time:2 mins
  • Total Time:5 mins
  • Servings:1
  • Easy


  • 1 cup waffle mix
  • 2 scoops ice cream
  • 1 can whipped cream
Cherie Litvin
  • Step 1

    Pick a waffle mix flavor—some dining halls have more than one!—and pour the mix into a cup.

    Cherie Litvin
  • Step 2

    Pour the mix into the waffle iron until the iron is completely covered.

    Cherie Litvin
  • Step 3

    Close the iron and flip it around to cook for two minutes. Once the timer goes off, flip it back around and take the waffle out.

    Cherie Litvin
  • Step 4

    Place the ice cream scoops on one half of the waffle and fold the other half over into a taco-shell shape. Then cover the waffle with whipped cream and whatever other toppings you like!

    Cherie Litvin

Voilá! Enjoy these ice cream waffle tacos between classes, late at night, or whenever you have a sundae craving. And if you're looking for some more ice cream-spiration, check out these other dining hall ice cream hacks