If you're like me, ice cream is not just a food. It's a daily staple in my meal hall life. But sometimes, I like to spice it up. So I compiled this list of all my favorite ways to use the meal hall ice cream at Dalhousie University to its full potential. Try some of these ice cream hacks, I dare you:

1. Chocolate and Cranberries

chocolate ice cream, cream, chocolate, ice, ice cream
Ellie Gilchrist

This ice cream variation is dead simple. All that you're going to need is a couple scoops of my personal favorite flavor–chocolate. Plus approximately one spoonful of dried cranberries. This might seem like a strange combo, but the sweet fruitiness of the cranberries mix to make a cheap man's chocolate covered strawberry flavor.

#SpoonTip: Start with less cranberries than you think you need and work your way up to get the right ratio for you.

2. Caramel and Rice Krispies

milk, cream, dairy product, rice
Ellie Gilchrist

Feeling sweet? This is for you. Want something crunchy? This is also for you. Craving ice cream for breakfast? Try this one out.

The sweet, creamy caramel swirl and crunchy Rice Krispies will do the trick for almost any ice cream mood you're in and the ratio can be adjusted to your heart's desire without compromising flavor. 

3. Next Level Rootbeer Float

espresso, stout, coffee, beer
Jessica DiFoggio

Since meal hall cups are so small, the key to this hack is to bring your own container for maximum float-ability.

Step 1: Fill the container with 1-2 scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Step 2: Head over to the drink dispenser and fill your container to the top with root beer (or coke if root beer isn't your thing).

Step 3: Grab a spoon and prepare to enter frothy ice cream heaven.

4. Ice Cream Sandwich

sandwich, cookie, ice, cream, chocolate, ice cream
Holly Park

This ice cream hack is a classic, but also one that is mostly for special occasions because it depends on whether or not the cafeteria is serving cookies that day. The best way to go about this is to get a plate with two cookies of your choice and a bowl for your scoop of ice cream.

Using two spoons as tongs, transfer your scoop to the bottom cookie on the plate and then gently push the other cookie onto the top so that it doesn't crumble.

#SpoonTip: My personal favourite combination is mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate cookies.

5. Make Your Own Milkshake

ice cream, milk, coffee, ice, cream, chocolate
Teodora Maftei

This hack is similar to the root beer float as it's also better when you BYOC (Bring Your Own Container). The best ratio I've found for this is 3/4 ice cream, 1/4 milk, and about a tablespoon of coffee cream for that extra creaminess. The best part about caf milkshakes is that you can make them any flavour you want!

#SpoonTip: If you're feeling adventurous when making chocolate/cookie dough/cookies and cream milkshakes, try swapping regular milk out for chocolate milk.

6. Caf Hack Frappe

mocha, yogurt, espresso, ice, milkshake, sweet, cappuccino, cream, coffee, milk
Net Supatravanij

If you're like me and only have pre-made coffee in your meal hall, this is going to be a bit of a cheater's frappe. (If not, check out this awesome instant coffee frappe recipe).

First, you're going to fill a coffee cup halfway with brewed coffee, then add one scoop of vanilla ice cream, and two big spoonfuls of coffee creamer. Then, you're going to want to get out those arm muscles and mix vigorously until it reaches an even consistency. If you want your frappe thicker or thinner, just add more of either coffee or ice cream and re-mix.

#SpoonTip: For extra yumminess, add whipped cream as a finishing touch.

Next time you hit up meal hall and those ice cream cravings start, choose one of these hacks and try it out! Just make sure to balance it out with some green stuff every once in a while. (And no, mint chocolate chip doesn't count).