May 1 is just around the corner, which means high schoolers everywhere will need to make one of the hardest decisions of their lives: choosing a college to attend. Rather than flipping a coin, depend on something a little more realistic to help you make your decision, like your favorite fast food French fries. So go ahead, choose your favorite French fry, and we'll help you pick a college. 

McDonald's—Choose your dream school

You know when you've had a bad night out and the only thing saving you is a McDonald's large fry and gatorade? Choosing McDonald's has and always will be a good choice. Just like if you go with your gut and choose your dream school (no matter how much it might scare you), it will feel right.

Wendy's—Choose the school your mom went to  

Your mom has great taste. Hey, she was the one that taught you to dip your fries in a Wendy's Frosty, so who says her taste in college wouldn't be just as great? Just think of all the mother-daughter or mother-son memories you could make.

#SpoonTip: If you are going to a school your parents went to, you might be eligible for additional scholarships. Definitely look into it!

Carl's Jr.—Choose the school that no one you know is going to

Nothing is wrong with going to a college where you don't know anyone—I did it. You get a fresh new start and the opportunity to learn new things and meet new people. For example, did you know that Carl's Jr. is essentially the same fast food chain as Hardees, just a different name? 

Do not fret if you're from the Midwest and traveling to the West Coast for school, you can still get your salty stringy fries, just in a new environment with your new friends.  

#SpoonTip: Carl's Jr. is branching off of Hardee's to become its own established fast food chain, so get your French fry fix in now in case they update the recipe!

Burger King—Choose the big state school

Thick cut, just enough salt, not too oily, with an equal ratio of soft inside to a crunchy outside, it's no wonder why Burger King could be argued for being some of the best fast food French fries in the state. Go big and go bold with your college choice, just like these fries.  

Arby's—Choose the school with the best nightlife

Arby's French fries are a little party in a cup. If these are your go to fries, then maybe a school with a big nightlife is the scene for you. Big football fan? Pick the school with the wildest tailgates. You might get beer in your hair, but the adrenaline junky side of you won't care.  

#SpoonTip: Spoon University does not encourage underage or binge drinking. Please party responsibly! 

In-N-Out—Choose the school closest to home

West Coast natives know the #struggle of attending a college that isn't near an In-N-Out. If you're a die hard In-N-Out French fry lover, then you might have to stick close to home for the next four years. 

But what's the harm in that? When you're close to home you can easily get a fix of mom's cooking, do your laundry, and hit your old stomping grounds, like you're favorite French fry joint, perhaps?  

Sonic—Choose the school that offered the most scholarship money

Just like how Sonic comes to you with the French fries, this college has come to you with the money. Sometimes letting things come to you can be beneficial, plus your bank account will thank you when you don't have as many student loans in your post-grad life. 

Steak 'n Shake—Choose the community college

It may not be your first or your second pick, but it could be your safest and offer you the most options. You might not have a dream school, or maybe the whole dream school thing just didn't work out for whatever reason, but look at it this way: You'll be saving a lot of money, and be close to home so it won't be such a huge transition from high school to college. Plus, community colleges offer many opportunities, similar to the many ways you can get your fries served at Steak 'n Shake. 

Whichever college you decide on, make sure it's the fit for you (and that they have a fast food joint where you can grab some French fries). Who knows, maybe you'll leave home a McDonald's lover and come back an In-N-Out fan?