If you ever have had the desire to enjoy your fast food while sweating away in a sauna, your wish has been granted. A Burger King outlet in Finland is the first to offer an in-store sauna.

Fifteen people can enjoy the sauna, complete with benches in Burger King official colors, a sauna stove, a television for gaming, showers, dressing rooms, and lounge. Servers from the Burger King outlet visit the sauna to take food and beverage orders. Spending three hours at the sauna will cost you about $285.

Burger King sauna

Photo courtesy of Oculus Digital Media on Facebook

Burger King was awarded as a top three 2016 New Concepts in Food Service: Customization, Technology, and New Experiences by Euromonitor International. In Finland, saunas are an essential part of the culture, with one sauna for every three people. With this innovative storefront, Burger King is catering to the local preferences in Helsinki, Finland.

Burger King has been on a trail of innovation, focusing on local innovations to help their company soar to the top. In 2014, Korean customers could enjoy a Hashbrown Whopper, while Spanish customer could dig into a Mexican Whopper, and American customers were presented the Barbecue Bacon Whopper.

Burger King sauna

Photo courtesy of @burgerking on Instagram

Burger King has been known to let you have your Whopper “your way” and the company is dedicated to just that. Over 11 million guests visit Burger King every day for just that reason. The Whopper offered in each location is adapted to the flavors of the region.

What innovations can we expect next from Burger King? Or will more chains follow suit and saunas will become the norm in chain restaurants? Next time you want a Whopper, it might be time to plan a trip to Finland.