The Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s R&D team has finally cracked the quandary it has been working on for nearly a decade: how to create a sandwich with chips that don’t get soggy.

And with the discovery of extra-crispy kettle chips, the “Most American Thickburger” was born. But without stopping there, the team (Team America, lets call them) added another twist. They nestled an entire hot dog sliced in half cozily next to the American cheese slices and one-third pound of Black Angus Beef. Oh yes, you heard right.


Photo Courtesy of Fab Fernandez, CKE Restaurants

This formidable meat tornado will set you back $5.79 a la carte or $8.29 with a side of fries and a drink, topping the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s menus as one of their priciest items. But their chief marketing officer, Brad Haley, explains that there is a good reason for the jacked up numbers: “It’s like two sandwiches in one —and your side.”

Just as well, the burger will cost you 1,030 calories, 64 grams of fat, and 2,350 milligrams of sodium. Holy heart attack. Doesn’t look like you’ll need to eat anything else besides what Haley calls a “fun, patriotic, indulgent burger” for the rest of the day.

Welcome to the home of the free and the brave: the Most American Thickburger debuted at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s just today. Right in time for that all-American summer you’ve been dreaming of! Eat at your own discretion and let freedom ring.

Can’t get enough burgers? Look no further: