Making pancakes for breakfast using a mix is quick and easy, but sometimes plain pancakes don't do the trick. With more gluten free, vegan, protein-focused, and other types of diets taking over, pancakes can't be the simple solution to breakfast for everyone. From dietary accommodations to seasonal flavors, these pancakes are sure to give everyone an option. Here is a list of the 11 best pancake mix brands to try.

1. Kodiak Cakes Original Frontier Flapjack Mix

Made with 100% whole grain wheat flour and a touch of dried honey for sweetness, Kodiak Cakes are light, fluffy, and sure to please. The best part about the mix is its instructions: just add water. If you find yourself with a relatively empty pantry and a box of Kodiak Cake mix, you're all set for a tasty and healthy breakfast.

2. Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes

For a heartier and protein-packed version of the original Frontier mix, Power Cakes are the perfect choice. Kodiak Cakes adds a protein blend to the mix for a more complete version of one of the best pancake mix brands.

3. Birch Benders Organic Chocolate Chip Mix

Feeling decadent? Birch Benders has the solution with their organic chocolate chip mix. Add water to the mix and your pancakes are ready to go. For something extra sweet, add a few more chocolate chips and top with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

4. Birch Benders Sweet Potato Mix

Sweet potato, brown sugar, and buttermilk make a delicious fall flavor combination. With a slight twist on the classic recipe, this is by far one of the most unique flavors of the best pancake mix brands. For sweet potato fans, these pancakes are perfect year-round. 

5. Birch Benders Gingerbread Spice Mix

These pancakes will make the kitchen smell like Christmas. Whether its for Christmas breakfast or a snowy morning, gingerbread pancakes are a wonderful holiday treat on a cold day.

6. Birch Benders Paleo Mix

Making breakfast for friends or family that follow the paleo diet? Birch Benders has the answer with their paleo mix. Made with cassava flour, coconut flour, and almond flour, these taste delicious and will appeal to even non-paleo diners.

7. Stonewall Kitchen Farmhouse Mix

It's worth the addition of eggs, buttermilk, and butter that make Stonewall Kitchen one of the best pancake mix brands. Their selection of gourmet jams and syrups are also delightful accompaniments to pancakes fresh from the griddle.

8. Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix

Pancakes can be enjoyed gluten free without sacrificing taste or texture, and Bob's Red Mill makes the perfect mix with whole grain sorghum flour and brown rice flour. Even if you're not gluten free, you can still enjoy these fluffy flapjacks without noticing the difference.

9. Trader Joe's Pumpkin Pancake & Waffle Mix

For a basic twist on pancakes and a full feeling of fall, Trader Joe's comes to the rescue. Known for their variety of pumpkin-themed products in the fall, Trader Joe's pumpkin pancake mix can be used for both pancakes and waffles, proving to be one of the best pancake mix brands.

10. Simple Mills Pancake & Waffle Mix 

Simple Mills, known for their line of gluten free foods, makes a slightly sweet pancake mix with almond flour and coconut sugar. This mix is both gluten free and paleo, and can also be made into waffles.

11. King Arthur Cloud 9 Pancake Mix

For a nutritious version of the standard pancake mix, King Arthur uses whole grain oat flour and white whole wheat flour. As part of the Essential Goodness mixes, King Arthur donates the cost for Feeding America to supply one meal for every sale of the Cloud 9 Pancake Mix.

From something sweet to flavors of fall, organic to gluten free, these mixes are unique and delicious. Whether you're cooking for yourself or making breakfast for a crowd, try one of the best pancake mix brands the next time to you take to the kitchen.