With “just add water” mixes and packed with 15-21 grams of protein per serving, whole grains, and vitamins and minerals, protein pancakes are a healthy and convenient way to start your day.

These hearty pancakes are new on the market, and picking the best can be harder than flipping the actual flapjacks. Luckily, I’ve narrowed it down to the top 4 on the market, so you can try out only the best.

4. Pumped Up Pancakes


Photo courtesy of proteinpickandmix.co.uk

Texture is a huge factor when it comes to protein pancakes. Since they are typically made with whey protein, avoiding graininess is always a challenge. The Pumped Up Pancakes are grainier than the others, but the cinnamon flavor makes them taste like a stack of gingersnaps.

3. FlapJacked


Photo courtesy of meandthemountains.com

If fluffiest was a category, Flapjacked would win. But sadly, these buttermilk cakes are pretty bland and don’t have the best flavor. Disguise the lack of flavor with some nuts, berries and maple syrup and these pancakes are basically food porn.

2. Met-Rx


Photo courtey of metrx.com

Met-Rx has perfected a melt-in-your-mouth mix that tastes amazing and is also jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients. With a soft fluffy texture and the flavor of a french pastry, you can eat these pancakes plain. We recommend using the mix to make these pumpkin protein pancakes.

1. Kodiak Cakes


Photo courtesy of chickadeesays.com

The best protein pancakes on the market are the Kodiak Protein Packed Flapjack Mix. They have the perfect amount of moisture and fluffiness. Barely differentiable from Aunt Jemima, these cakes are not-too-sweet and make a perfect pair with maple syrup or chocolate chips, or make these healthy banana oat pancakes.

Whether you pick them up at the grocery or order in bulk online (like me), get ready for protein pancakes to become your newest breakfast obsession. Nutritious and delicious, they will leave you guilt-free and happy.