Momofuku Milk Bar has quickly become the go-to dessert shop for everyone looking for a sweet treat (not to mention a staple for all basic Insta bloggers). Though you can get some of the best desserts at Momofuku Milk Bar, this brand is known for more than just its desserts.

Milk Bar is the child of Momofuku Group which has a range of restaurants which offer everything from noodle bars to ramen spots to fried chicken sandwich joints. While most famous for its Cereal Milk soft serve, Milk Bar has a range of treats that are also amazing (think pies, cakes, cookies, and truffles). Rather than leave you all overwhelmed with options, I decided to rank the best desserts at Momofuku Milk Bar.

10. Chocolate Malt Cake Truffle

While not the most popular truffle Milk Bar has to offer, this chocolate cake, chocolate-malt covered truffle is definitely a chocolate lovers dream. 

9. Perfect 10 Kookie

Describes as "an oatmeal cookie meets energy bar," this cookie is perfect for those looking to have a "healthier" dessert choice. And bonus, the recipe was created by model Karlie Kloss, and its also gluten free!

8. Salted Pretzel Cake

Milk Bar does an excellent job at the classic combo of sweet and salty. This is the perfect flavor if you are stuck deciding ... and starving.

7. Cornflake-Chocolate-Chip-Marshmallow Cookie

Like the name sounds, the cookie is a mouthful. It'll definitely satisfies all those sweet-tooth carvings, and it's a classic cookie at Milk Bars all over the country.

6. Cereal Milk Affogato

What's better than dessert with coffee? Dessert in your coffee! Affogato is a special Italian coffee that puts a scoop of vanilla gelato in espresso. If you want a little caffeine buzz (or to pretend you're still abroad in Italy), this is the dessert of you.

5. Compost Cookie

I know what you're thinking, another cookie! But trust me guys, this one is loaded with goodies. Packed with pretzels, potato chips, graham crackers, coffee, oats, and butterscotch, you seriously don't want to miss it.

4. Birthday Cake

I guarantee if you show up to a birthday party with this cake, you will be more popular than the person you're there to celebrate. Super sweet and topped with signature Milk Bar truffles, its quickly becoming my go-to cake for celebrations!

#SpoonTip: You can buy the whole cake or just a slice! 

3. Cereal Milk Soft Serve

This is the dessert that put Milk Bar on the map, and the name is accurate. I swear it actually tastes like the milk that is in your bowl after you finish cereal.

2. Crack Pie

This is another classic. Its got a toasted oat crust with a gooey butter inside, and it will definitely leave you feeling warm inside.

1. Birthday Truffles

Another Milk Bar classic, I could probably eat 12 of these right now. I might feel sick, but these sweet little balls are the best of the best. They are like nothing I have ever had before and I can never get enough. 

It was definitely tough ranking these because they are all great, but this is how I would rank the best desserts at Momofuku Milk Bar. What about you, which ones would you try?