It's your friend's birthday, or valentines day or you just want to treat yo self, but their is nothing in your town that is going to hit the spot. Luckily, we are in the age of technology and that means that we aren't constrained to our hometowns for delicious treats. Here are some delicious treats to order online. 

Cookie DŌ NYC:

The best part of making cookies: the dough, the worst part of this is the unease that comes from eating raw eggs. Cookie DŌ NYC solves this by making artisan cookie dough that is save to eat. What makes this dough even sweeter is that it can delivered to you. Choose from delicious flavors that range from classic chocolate chip to heavenly which features sugar cookie dough with Nutella, chocolate chips, caramel bits and sea salt. 

Baked by Melissa

I am the type of person with major food FOMO. I always want to try all the flavors. Baked by Melissa is perfect for me because their adorable cupcakes are bite size (aka I can try all the flavors). Baked by Melissa offers delicious flavors such as chocolate chip pancake and peanut butter and jelly. They also offer gluten free cupcakes (gluten free kids rejoice!)

Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia bakery is a cupcake lover's dream. Their cupcakes are delicious and moist (the only acceptable use of this word). Their pretty cupcakes are also so instagram-able (priorities). They have mastered the classic cupcake and you don't even have to make it NYC to enjoy these cupcakes. 

Momofuku Milk Bar

From their crack pie to cereal milk ice cream Momofuku Milk Bar is a legend in the world of insta-famous food. Not only are their treats so pretty, but they taste as good as they look. Their birthday cake is a must have to celebrate a birthday/any occasion. 

Jeni's Ice Cream

I was skeptical when I saw that there was ice cream that could be shipped to me. How does a delicious, frozen treat stay intact through the delivery process? But, it can be done and thank god for that. Jeni's ice cream is known for some delicious and strange flavors. With so many flavors to choose from, order them all and do a taste test with friends!

I should apologize now for the food baby you are about to have. All I have to say is: #worthit.