Sriracha is a cultural phenomenon to say the least. Even though it has been around since 1980, in just a few years, it has taken the public’s palates by storm, transforming from a trendy food fad to a necessary component of people’s kitchen shelves. Since this dramatic transformation, people all over the world have begun to use the condiment religiously, drizzling it on any dish, from avocado toast to pho and quite literally everything in between. Here are eight ways to eat the glorious condiment, Sriracha, for any and every meal of the day.


Sriracha Eggs Benedict

Lucy Drinkwater

Eggs Benedict is a staple, go-to brunch delicacy. It is simply a perfect combination of breakfast and lunch, ideal for any brunch aficionado because it is classic, timeless, and indisputably aesthetically pleasing. But, could you imagine if a typical eggs Benedict were spiced up (pun intended) with a kick of Sriracha? Sounds like heaven to me. 

Sriracha and Egg Avocado Burrito

Lauren Young

There are very few things in this world that are better than a breakfast burrito--a flawless mixture of gooey, tangy cheese and golden eggs, and whatever other toppings your heart desires, all of which is cradled by a thin tortilla wrap. If you’re mouth isn’t watering already and you’re a Sriracha enthusiast like me, then picture that only covered in the finest condiment that ceases to exist. 


Sriracha Mac and Cheese

tomato, rice, couscous, cereal, pepper, vegetable
Jayna Goldstein

If you hate mac and cheese, you are basically saying you hate puppies and babies, which is downright criminal. However, if you’re like most of the world’s population and you find extreme joy in indulging in a creamy, comforting, gourmet dish of mac and cheese, continue reading. This version of mac and cheese features America’s best and trendiest condiment, Sriracha and it will not disappoint. 

Ginger Sriracha Turkey Burgers

Emmy Daniels

If you want to be the superstar of a BBQ, or just about any meal, make these ginger Sriracha turkey burgers. The dish is slightly unexpected, but the powerful, aromatic flavors of ginger and Sriracha have the power to elevate any average regular red meat or turkey burger. Top it off with the quintessential burger toppings--lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, whatever peaks your interest--and you have a wholesome meal. 


Spring Rolls with Mayo Sriracha Dip

Leah Valenti

Spring rolls are perfect for a light, non-traditional dinner for any day of the week. Not only that but they are relatively healthy and super easy to make--just combine various veggies, such as cabbage, carrots, and cucumber, and tightly roll them up into rice paper, and viola! However, this vibrantly colorful dish would be incomplete without the equivalent of peanut butter to jelly, its accompaniment of a picante, mayo Sriracha dipping sauce. You will not want to miss this one. 

Crunchy and Sweet Sriracha Shrimp

curry, beef, rice, chicken curry, sauce, pork, vegetable, meat, chicken
Natsuko Mazany

Have you ever found yourself craving spicy, non-processed, semi-gourmet Chinese food? If so, then you’re in luck because this crunchy and sweet Sriracha shrimp is the perfect dish to add to your recipe bucket list. This is because while Sriracha tastes heavenly with just about ANYTHING, it’s natural flavors pairs so well with Asian dishes, especially with the Thai sweet chili sauce incorporated into this dinner, evidently making the sauce the superstar of the entire meal. Make this relatively easy, thirty minute meal ASAP before you drool any further.


Sriracha Macarons

butter, cookie, pastry, chocolate, cake, cream, sweet
Jedd Marrero

No matter how obsessed with Sriracha you may be, you are probably thinking to yourself “this girl is crazy.” Who would ever want to or even consider including Sriracha in the best meal of the day, and potentially take away from a dessert’s natural sweetness? However, adding Sriracha to macarons only enhances the flavor capacity, creating a smoky, spicy yet sweet dessert combination. 

Chocolate Dipped Sriracha Rice Krispy Treats

milk, candy, sweet, chocolate
Anna Hirschorn

Again, despite the unusualness of this recipe, chili chocolate is an unlikely food combination that everyone must try. One up that with Sriracha and chocolate, and you have the food pairing of a lifetime. Not only that, but the spice of the Sriracha combined with the gooey, sweet marshmallows will blow your mind, and maybe burn your mouth slightly, in the best way possible. 

While Sriracha is the perfect accessory to enhance cheap Chinese food, a yucky dining hall meal, or any questionable leftovers, don't let yourself forget that it can also be utilized as the highlight of any gourmet meal, at any time of the day. If you love spicy food and especially if you are a Sriracha fanatic, make any of the above recipes and I promise, your stomach and your tastebuds will thank you later.