Usually sometime after the Valentine’s Day craze candy and souvenirs take over on the shelves of every CVS, Walgreens and grocery store nationwide. The plastic eggs are an assortment of baby blue, pink, yellow and green, Reese’s makes bunny shaped peanut butter cups and Easter egg baskets infiltrate the aisles. This spectacle only really means one thing though, Peeps are back.

You either love or you hate Peeps. They are just one of those foods. These are the marshmallows shaped as chicks that are covered in colored sugar and only exist at one time of the year, Easter. People do funny things with Peeps, for example, the Medici restaurant on 57th Street is now selling a Peeps latte. Others will stock up on their Peeps supplies for the inevitable end of the Peeps season, just like bears getting ready for hibernation.


Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Servings: 20

20 marshmallows (I used Katherine Anne’s Vanilla Bean Marshmallows)
12-oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/4 cup sprinkles

Photo by Susanna Tuan


1. Melt the chocolate using a double boiler and let it cool a little.

2. Dip the tip of each marshmallow in the melted chocolate and make them stand, chocolate covered parts will look up.

3. Wait 2 minutes and then dip them into sprinkles.

Photo by Susanna Tuan

4. Chill for 15 minutes, or until hard, and serve. Or, put them on a stick and eat them like cake pops!

Photo by Susanna Tuan

This recipe is perfect for you if you’re not the biggest Peeps fan but a fan of holiday spirit, you need a simple and quick treat for an Easter party, or you just love marshmallows, melted chocolate and sprinkles.

Better than Peeps Marshmallows

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