I'm sure we are all aware of the countless benefits of drinking water. It helps us clear our skin, flush out toxins, and lose some weight. However, getting in the daily recommended amount of water can feel like a chore to a lot of us. By following these simple tips and tricks that can fit into any lifestyle, you'll be increasing your water intake and seeing results very soon.

1. Find a cute bottle & carry it everywhere. 

Now you have a way to reuse the glass boba bottles you paid a little too much for. Try to find a sturdy bottle that works with your aesthetics and lifestyle, such as a blender bottle for protein shakes or an insulated bottle for hot tea. 

2. Settle for water when eating out

Melissa Vajanaphanich

Not the most exciting drink to go along with your 3-course meal but hey, at least refills are free. 

3. Time your drinks

Start off by leaving a glass of water next to your bed every night and drinking that right when you wake up. Once you master that routine, you can add a glass before or after meals. If you're feeling extra, you can even set alarms for every few hours to remind yourself to drink up. 

4. Eat foods with high water content

pasture, sweet, juice, apple
Santina Renzi

If you don't like drinking water, eat it. At the grocery store, scout for hydrating foods such as strawberries, melons, zucchini, and broccoli

5. Use a straw

Sounds simple, but using a straw actually helps many people drink more and faster. If it becomes your best friend, you can even consider purchasing a water bottle with a built-in straw. 

6. Flavor your water

alcohol, lemon, lime, mint, ice, sweet, cocktail, juice
Jonathan Hsu

If you hate the plain taste of water, infuse it with your favorite fruits and herbs. Fruits can add flavor kicks and nutritional benefits

7. Track your intake in a fun way

To keep you on track, you can download Plant Nanny on your phone and support your plant child by drinking water. You can watch the little one grow every time you log your water intake. 

8. Replace your morning coffee with water

chocolate, tea, mocha, cream, milk, espresso, cappuccino, coffee
Jocelyn Hsu

Try to swap out a coffee for water every other day. Aside from the difference in taste, water will make you and your wallet feel much better in the long run.

Now you can be on your way to drinking more water and feeling energized every day with no excuses. Pick 1 or 2 ideas from this list, apply it to your daily routine, and you'll be seeing significant changes in no time.