Strawberries are often called “the taste of spring,” because they are traditionally the first fruits of the season to ripen. However, if you can’t seem find the perfect, most ripe bunch at your grocery store, you can use one of these recipes to help bolster their flavor and sweetness.


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Smoothie Bowls are a new twist on an old favorite. Topped with a little granola, quinoa or chia seeds, these bowls can be your next go-to breakfast favorite.


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Frozen fruit smoothies are a great way to incorporate healthy fruits and vegetables into your morning routine. By freezing seasonal ingredients at their peak ripeness, you can ensure that you get your favorite ingredients all year round.


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Dress up your morning toast with this easy, three-ingredient recipe including ricotta, strawberries and honey.



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Out with the classic American cheese and in with this chocolate, brie and strawberry grilled cheese.



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Why not pair that grilled cheese with a side of strawberry salsa and cinnamon-sugar chips? Fruit salsas are a perfect spring treat to highlight ripe fruit.



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It’s not a recipe roundup without a delicious dessert like this strawberry cheesecake. That factory-made cheesecake doesn’t have anything on this homemade treat.


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Chocolate is to strawberries as peanut butter is to jelly. It just makes sense. Check out this article for the proper chocolate dipping procedure.


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Get the skinny on these healthy milkshakes. Top your milkshake with a bright red strawberry to impress your friends with your culinary (and presentation) skills.


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One of the best ways to enjoy fresh, ripe fruit is to make them the star of fun kabobs.


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But if you don’t have skewers for kabobs, toss the strawberries into a simple fruit salad.


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For more information about strawberries check out this article on Strawberries 101.

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