Coffee might as well be the average college student's oxygen. Whether you're sipping (or chugging) these caffeinated beans first thing in the morning or at 10pm because your group project's fourth partner is named procrastination, you can always count on coffee to be your right-hand man. 

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Erin O'Neill

Sure, you can drink coffee from really anything - a paper Starbucks cup, your same old boring college-logoed mug that your aunt gave you as a high school graduation present or maybe even a bowl when your roommates didn't run the dishwasher

But life is too short to live with the same coffee mug semester after semester. Make studying more motivational and fun (to an extent) with the addition of these somewhat inspirational coffee cups in your life. 

1. For the big appetite

Amazon, $15.99.

Donuts, bagels and cookies are all valid snacks for your morning plates required. 

2. Are you drinking out of a lens?

Amazon: $12.89.

For the photographer, this is one piece of camera equipment that won't be ruined when you spill coffee on it. In fact, it's literally made to keep your coffee hot for that photojournalism class later.

3. The adventure begins.

Amazon, $12.10.

This one is for any mountain-hiking-granola-eating guy or gal who's always up for a road trip or spur-of-the-moment expedition. 

4. So your coffee can be purrfect

Amazon, $10.99 for a set of 2.

Because we all have a little crazy cat lady in us. And did I mention there is a matching white set? Oh, and they come with cute kitten spoons too! 

5. Nerdy caffeine

XU54, only available in Japan (lol sorry).

Math, physics and caffeine. Does it get any more college than this? My only question is, can it still hold the same amount of coffee...?

6. Perkatory

World Market, $13.98 for a set of 2.

Finally someone found a word for this feeling. Unfortunately the dictionary hasn't recognized it as a real word yet, but until then, I'll just keep promoting this lil' mug.

7. Guaranteed productivity

StartUpVitamins, $16.

Because if I drink coffee out of this mug, it will create an illusion that I am solving my calculus homework with ease. Well, either way, it'll make a cute, study themed Insta post. 

8. I am very busy, $14.

Everyone needs an "I Am Very Busy" insulated cup because aren't we all?! You may be very busy, but at least you'll be very stylish at the same time.

They say it's what is on the inside that counts, but cute looks on the outside don't hurt either. With the addition of one (or all) of these adorable coffee cups in your midterm-ridden life, we are confident when we say, you got this. Cheers to caffeine!