The thought of cooking in a dishwasher sounds a tad strange, I’ll admit. However, there are some clear benefits to this way of cooking. Do you end up with dry chicken when you cook it on the stove? No more. Don’t know how to poach salmon? Problem solved. That dish washing appliance provides a special kind of heat perfect for cooking everything from protein to veggies. Just make sure you hit the right internal temperature if you’re cooking meat, poultry or seafood. Use a thermometer and the guidelines hereHere are five ways to cook in a dishwasher.

1. Poached Salmon

cook in a dishwasher

Photo by Yonatan Soler

Place fillets on a piece of foil and drizzle with lemon juice, olive oil and seasonings of choice. Fold foil over fillets and pinch tightly to create a seal. Put on the top rack of the dishwasher and run on normal cycle. Because the fish is sealed, you can even wash dishes at the same time.

2. Soft-Boiled Eggs

cook in a dishwasher

Photo by Justin Shannin

For a soft egg white and creamy yolk, the dishwasher is the place to boil eggs. Place eggs in a sealed glass container (yet another use for Mason Jars) filled with some water, and put in the dishwasher during a 65°F, one-hour cycle.

3. Any Veggies

cook in a dishwasher

Photo by Alex Tom

Wrap veggies of choice in foil or put in vacuum-packed bag or glass jar. Turn dishwasher on the normal cycle.

Bonus tip: Use the cold, rinse cycle with NO detergent to thoroughly wash your veggies.

4. Chicken

cook in a dishwasher

Photo by Hannah Cather

Place a raw piece of chicken on foil and season however you wish. Seal the foil REALLY well, and put through a heat cycle. Due to the tight seal on the chicken, you can wash dishes alongside your dinner.

5. Lasagna

cook in a dishwasher

Photo by Keni Lin

Assemble lasagna noodles, ricotta cheese, mushrooms and already cooked meats into an aluminum dish with a lid. Use the two-hour cycle and heat dry of the dishwasher, and a fully-cooked lasagna is right around the corner.