With the time that is usually filled with classes and homework, the holidays can be a great couple weeks to get out and run in your hometown. Running is a great form of exercise, a stress-reliever and even an escape from the relatives. 

Yes, the gingerbread cookies, social gatherings and colder temperatures are all factors that could hinder your schedule, but running can still be done! 

Looking for that extra motivation? Here are some running tips, fueling foods and fun ideas to get you outside running during the holidays.

1. Eat an Iced Gingerbread Clif Bar for a post-run snack.

Emily Waples

Clif Bar also has seasonal flavors including hot chocolate and spiced pumpkin pie.

2. Make GPS running art.

You can get pretty wild with this one. Consider making your holiday challenge to create a route in the shape of a Christmas tree and then running it.

3. Go on a seasonal Starbucks run after your actual run.

mocha, cream, espresso, milk, cappuccino, coffee
Becky Hughes

Get it in before the holiday Starbucks drinks are no longer sold - which is usually the second week of January. 

4. Sing holiday songs to each person you pass on your run.

Double points if they start singing along. 

5. Make these pancakes 

sprinkles, cake, cream, chocolate
Elizabeth Philip

Shape them into sneakers if you want the carbs to be extra motivational. 

6. Fly somewhere warm so you don’t have to run in the cold.

Run along a beach in the Bahamas, or the Walt Disney Half Marathon in January.

7. Run to your best friend’s house over Christmas break surprise them (or just raid their fridge).

Because the holidays are all about celebrating friendship. And food.

8. Run with your cat.

It's harder than you think. Then again, maybe your cat could be the new long distance running cat.

9. Chase a food truck.

wine, beer
Samantha Teshima

I'd try to avoid highways.

10. Read a motivational running book.

If a guy can run 165.7 miles in 24 hours, you can lace up your shoes for that 5k.

11. Hit the trails at your local park or state forest.

Getting lost = longer runs = stronger legs = more Christmas cookies.

12. Do the New Year’s midnight run.

And then make a running New Year’s resolution to sign up for race length outside your comfort zone.

13. Run at night...and in your pajamas.

If you are running on the road, maybe wrap Christmas lights around yourself as well so cars can see you.

14. Run backwards.

There are actually numerous benefits to running backwards, including improved posture and better muscular balance.

15. Watch 25 Days of Christmas while running on the treadmill.

You can do an interval workout run, timed with the commercials. Here's the schedule.

16. FaceTime your long-distance brother, mother, boyfriend while running...like the entire time.

They can keep you motivated to go the extra mile (or get some quality blackmail).

17. Start a Run Streak

tea, coffee
Alison Weissbrot

Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak is an annual running streak that begins at Thanksgiving and ends New Year’s day. Missed these dates? Start it on your own time.

This one is 39 days, but if you want to beat the current run streak record - that’s 17,348 days (47.5 years) ran by Jon Sutherland in 1969 - you’re on your own, kid.

Sure it's the holiday season, but that doesn't mean you have to put off running until the new year. Maybe juuust maybe these 17 tips will encourage you to take a jog - even if it's just to take the cookies out of the oven. Happy holidays, eating and running!