Every study abroad student has that moment of panic when it comes to learning where to eat in a foreign country. And of course die-hard foodies want to discover the best possible places to eat in Europe. You can't just drop into the nearest McDonalds if you want any kind of cultural experience (spoiler alert: a Big Mac tastes the same wherever you go).

For all of you traveling foodies, I'm going to help you out so that you don't spend hours of valuable exploring (and eating) time browsing through TripAdvisor. Check out these 7 unbeatable places to eat in Europe that every foodie must visit while studying abroad. 

1. London, England - The Orangery Restaurant

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Ainsley Freeman

You can't go to London without carving out a little piece of your day for tea time. Kensington Palace is not only one of the extravagant residences of the royal family, but it's also the site of a quaint little spot to sit down and have brunch or afternoon tea.

The Orangery Restaurant is hidden within Kensington Gardens and it's the perfect place to stop and enjoy the traditions of the UK during your sightseeing adventures. 

2. Florence, Italy - All'Antico Vinaio

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Ainsley Freeman

If Italy is known for one thing, it's FOOD. Florence is a wonderful city to visit and an even more incredible place to find delicious eats. All'Antico Vinaio is known for their made-to-order Italian panini. And let me tell you right now, you will never have a panini like this again.

You may think that the narrow streets of Florence are quiet until you take a turn down Via dei Neri. The small panini shop has two locations directly across from each other and both lines are always out the door, extending down the street. On your stroll from the Duomo to the Ponte Vecchio, stop in for a bite. It's certainly worth the wait.

3. Barcelona, Spain - Surf House Barcelona

Ainsley Freeman

It may not be tapas or even paella, but Surf House Barcelona is just about the best place you will ever eat in Barcelona. Located just steps away from the gorgeous sands of Barceloneta Beach, Surf House Barcelona allows you to eat and drink to your heart's content while gazing out at the Mediterranean Sea.

The restaurant has a surf theme and sells every kind of food you may be craving, whether it's dangerously cheesy nachos or a refreshing açaí bowl. Service begins at noon, so you can sleep in after a long night out in Barcelona and have a delicious reason to get up and kick your hangover.

4. Paris, France - Chez Ribe

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Ainsley Freeman

In Paris, any restaurant within a one mile radius of the Eiffel Tower has food that is to die for. It's honestly hard to find a bad meal between the street vendors selling Nutella crêpes and the tantalizing French restaurants.

One hidden gem located just a block away from the biggest tourist attraction in Paris is Chez Ribe, a café specializing in authentic French cuisine. If you want to test your taste buds with some escargot or maybe experiment with a Croque Madame, Chez Ribe is the destination you're looking for at any time of day. 

5. Munich, Germany - Oktoberfest

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Ainsley Freeman

Oktoberfest is every study abroad student's excuse to go to Munich (and drink plenty of beer), with good reason. The celebration attracts over six million people from across the globe for two weeks of beer, food, and fun

A variety of German delicacies are sold throughout the fairgrounds, including bratwurst and the biggest pretzels you have ever laid eyes on. Germans also cover everything they possibly can in chocolate, so if you have a sweet tooth you're in luck. Don't fill up too much on beer, you will not want to miss out on the food scene here.

6. Copenhagen, Denmark - Paper Island

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Ainsley Freeman

In Copenhagen, a former paper storage facility has been transformed into a haven for food lovers everywhere. Papirøen, better known as Paper Island, is now a warehouse full of stalls where people go to experience street food from around the world.

Paper Island features food from the UK, Brazil, Korea, Belgium, India, and a multitude of other countries. The choice will be a tough one, but I promise no meal is a bad meal at Paper Island. However, if you're going to order one thing, it better be the crème brûlée donut; it's still a thing of my dreams.

7. Budapest, Hungary - Central Market Hall

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Ainsley Freeman

I know what you're thinking about the picture, but don't knock it 'til you try it. This overflowing bread bowl of stew is called goulash and it happens to be one of the most famous dishes in Hungary. This goulash is from the Central Market Hall, a marketplace in Budapest that sells homemade goods from local vendors, with an upper level dedicated to authentic Hungarian food.

Hungary has some of the most creative and unique cuisine in all of Europe, so if you're open to trying quirky things, such as lángos (Hungarian fried dough) or meggyleves (sour cherry soup), you may be lucky enough to find a new favorite meal. A side of mulled wine never hurts either...

Studying abroad is about experiencing a new culture, and what better way to do that than with food. So before you set off on your semester-long (food) journey, take some notes. I ate like a queen and you deserve to as well.

Whether you're traipsing around the streets of Italy, admiring the breath-taking architecture, or yelling "Prost!" with one thousand of your closest friends in a tent at Oktoberfest, I promise you'll find some of the best places to eat in Europe.