When studying abroad, finding the best place to eat is difficult—especially when you're in a brand new country. Everything is new and exciting, but you're also bound to experience an immense amount of culture shock. Knowing which authentic places to go to is impossible at first when you're 5,000 miles away from home. 

Luckily, your study abroad city's hottest restaurants can easily be found on your phone. You can find the best places to eat in your new city all through the power of Instagram.

Step 1:  Get on Instagram

Evguenia Gololobova

Click on the little magnifying glass on the bottom of the app, click the search bar, and tap the "Places" tab on the far right. This will ensure that you find a place based on your current location. 

Step 2: Find What You're Craving

Evguenia Gololobova

Search for whatever type of food you're hungry for, such as Italian, seafood, or Mexican. Whether you're in Japan or Argentina, it helps to have a small idea of what kinds of cuisine your area generally offers.

Step 3: Pick a Place

Evguenia Gololobova

Depending on where you are on the map, popular restaurant accounts may pop up. You can browse through pictures of their food taken by local customers or get on the restaurant's direct account. If what you're craving is some beautiful form of cheesy carbs, Instagram definitely has you covered.

Step 4: Enjoy

Need a cappuccino even better looking than your ex? Through Instagram, you can find tons of coffee shops nearby wherever you are in the world, ready and eager to please (unlike said ex). If the comfort of Mediterranean spices in dishes like chicken shawarma and falafel is what you need, Instagram is here for you.

Thanks to the wonder of the Internet, all you need when you're lost, hungry, and in a strange place is a fully charged phone with Instagram. The best places to eat while abroad, whether it's in Asia, South America, the Middle East, anywhere, are just a few touches away. If you're hungry and abroad right now, get to searching.