There is nothing better in the world than a vacation or the chance to travel the world and experience a culture outside of your own. All avid foodies can agree that in order to try more, you have to open yourself to different cultures, varied meal traditions and food habits. If you need to be convinced to travel to expand your palette, these are the top five reasons why foodies should travel and what to keep in mind when you are eating outside of your common comfort-zone.

1. Breakfast in Another Country

Olivia Salzman

One of the top things I have found to be true when traveling is that breakfast is a very unique meal. Some places have breakfast as their largest and most important meal of the day while some simply consume a danish and coffee for breakfast. Others have salads for the morning meal, or people may ultimately skip it all together.

In Israel, I've had a combination of eggs, bacon and pancakes, as well as, tomato and cucumber salads or breakfast. In Mexico, my family's favorite breakfastwas an omelette with salmon, cream cheese and asparagus. No matter where you go, breakfast is sure to be one of the most interesting parts of the foodie traveling trip. 

2. Holiday Celebrations

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Michelle Martin

Celebrating a holiday in a different state or country is unlike anything else. Seeing how a place practices its traditions through holidays around the calendar year tells a lot about a location and the food. You can pack your swim trunks and head to paradise island for some delicious eats and a 4th of July by the sea, or grab some party beads and head to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. You can explore the unlimited food options in the dirty south such as King Cake, jambalaya and authentic Louisiana gumbo.

3. Bakery & Coffee Shops

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Carly Krasnoff

Although I have never been, I dream of visiting the many bakeries and coffee shops that paint the streets of Europe. I yearn for the day I get to sip a cappuccino with a croissant in Italy and stroll past the Eiffel Tower with a macaroon in Paris. 

4. Food with a View

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Bridget Muckian

Summer vacations are best spent on beaches like the islands of the Caribbean, such as Jamaica, St. Thomas and Grand Cayman Islands. If you're sitting in the sun, relaxing on the beach, definitely order a meal and appreciate the view. Many of the bigger areas have all-inclusive resorts with restaurants directly on the beach, so you can enjoy a meal with an incredible view and snap a pic for the Insta.

5. Exploring Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Rachael Marks

Goodbye, burgers and fries. It's time to order frog legs, caviar, sushi with eel, curry and home-town tacos. Getting to travel to a new location gives you a glimpse in a world unlike your own, and is the best opportunity to test your boundaries and discover some new favorite dishes.

Wherever you get to visit, know that as a foodie, traveling to places you have never been is the best thing you can do to enhance your tastebuds.