If you plan on going to Barcelona anytime soon to explore or travel (or better yet, pretend like you're "studying abroad" when really all you're learning is how to survive on little sleep and high intakes of caffeine and alcohol), then you need to keep these 12 spots in mind.

Each of these spots have led to good times and nights of little remembrance, so you know they must be good. So let's break it down, and (hopefully) prep you for an alcoholic journey lasting into the wee hours of the early morning. 

1. 5-Liter Sangria at La Ovella Negra

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Effie Henry

Pictured above you will see a full five liters of sangria (yes, I know, dreams really do come true). Let’s just say it didn’t stay full for long. It goes down like children’s fruit punch and you might even think it is, until you fall for a 30-minute long magic trick that is so obvious it'll snap you back in to reality... *sigh.*

2. The Blackout Tray at The George Payne

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Effie Henry

The George Payne is a touristy spot, so I wouldn’t recommend going there often if you’re trying to get a ~cultural experience~. But honestly, it doesn’t really matter because you’re likely to forget everything anyways. Equipped with tequila shots, vodka-Red Bull, sangria, some drink with a giant straw (see photo above), and more drinks I don't remember the name of (classic). The blackout tray fulfills its promise. 

3. “Mojito Fresh” on the Beach

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Effie Henry

After spending 30 seconds at the Barceloneta Beach, you’ll realize you’d rather bury your hear in the sand than listen to the men walk around yelling “Mojito Fresh!” repeatedly. Okay, maybe that was a little harsh, but you’ll at least want a drink, or 10, to drown out the dreadful shouts (clearly, their tactic is working).

And if you’re like my annoying yet smart friends, you’ll even harass these people to pour in more alcohol because you “don’t want to drink just plain juice.”

4. Mojitos at LimeHouse

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Effie Henry

This is a big step up from a “Mojito Fresh” on the beach. The Mojitos taste better and you don’t even have to beg for more alcohol because, honestly, if you asked for it any stronger, you’d be served up a quadruple shot. Point proven: this is the perfect pregame spot.

5. Ice BARcelona

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Effie Henry

If your love for drinking overpowers your hatred of the cold, you’ll fit right in here. You get to drink free drinks out of ice-cold cups (because who wants a semi-cold drink when it could be legit frozen) and look prime while doing it. Still sad I couldn't bring that coat back to Ohio, where I could actually get some use out of it.

6. Espit Chupitos

In case you were unaware of the most important word to know when navigating Barcelona, chupitos means SHOTS... and that's just what you'll get here. If the weirdly flavored shots (i.e. s'mores) aren't enough for you, order the "Monica Lewinsky" for a more interactive experience (would show you but was told the photo was too X-rated, sorry).

7. Massage + Wine at Carpe Diem

Effie Henry

In case you can't tell from the high-qual GIF above, my dear friend is getting one of the best massages of her life (blame it on the alcohol, idk). You heard me right, she is getting a massage—or if you're her, getting a message (concerning, I know)—while ballin' out on wine at dinner? Try to think of something better than that... I won't hold my breath.

8. Margs at Tlaxcal

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Effie Henry

How upsetting would this photo be without the lovely drink in the corner (even if it is 75% gone… wish I had more than 0 chill when it comes to margs). ANYWAYS, needless to say, nothing will prepare you more for a night out than a hefty serving of chips and guac, paired with anywhere between 2-6 margs on the side. If you're trying to down more, I wouldn’t recommend because hospitals in Barcelona are probably hard to navigate if you don’t speak the language.

9. Wine Nights At Shoko

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Effie Henry

Find a DJ, an above-average promoter, a club owner, ANYONE who can get you into this event (I'd give you tips but I'm honestly unsure how we were even let in) and you will not regret it. Basically, you go to SHOKO early—let's say 10—and capitalize off free unlimited sushi and wine before mayhem breaks out and the whole place transforms into a sea of drunkies.

10. The Dow Jones Bar

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Effie Henry

They do say that real stock market crashes are driven by panic. I would venture to say that the "stock market crashes" that occur here are also driven by panic... of being sober. If you're uneducated and/or unaware of what happens when the stock market crashes, prices of goods lower. Put two and two together and imagine what happens when the "stock market" crashes at a bar... can you say shots!?

11. Booze Cruise

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Effie Henry

Yeah, yeah, booze cruises are fun anywhere, I know; BUT they're even better on the Med. The best part is that they're during the day, so you have time to go back and rest up before a night out. Or, if you're unlucky, your rest will turn into a full sleep and you will wake up at 7 am the next morning feeling more confused than you ever have before—don't worry, Mom, of course this didn't happen to me...

12. The Porron

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Effie Henry

A porron is like the Catalonian/Spanish/all-around-better version of "slapping the bag." It may not be the best pregame idea, considering most of us aren't as coordinated as my oh-so-athletic friend Meghan (see photo), BUT it's definitely still a must when in Barcelona. So skip the bag and grab a patron (sounds classy, doesn't it?).

So there you have it: the 12 perfect spots to hit up before entering the drunken sea of students, young adults, and aggressive middle-aged Spaniards that thrive off of the clubbing scenes. Now, now, I did have over a month to hit up these 12 spots, so if you're only there for a few days—or even a week—best of luck, because not one of these are worthy of a skip. Safe travels and happy drinking.