I recently got the chance to visit one of my favorite cities in the whole world: London Town. In addition to being home of the Queen, the hot accent, and a whole lot of culture, we all know the real reason people keep going back to England is for the tea.

That time of day from around 3-5 pm when everyone can take some time to sit back and relax while sipping (or inhaling) all things British and all things lovely is great. From the English breakfast tea (and many, many more types of tea) to the tea sandwiches, all the way down to the last crumb of the macarons, London is the place to be at this hour of the day. Here’s where to find the best of the best.

1. The Four Seasons, Hyde Park


Photo courtesy of Magazine.FourSeasons.com

This is a great place to come to treat yourself with some delicious breakfast treats, and it is definitely worth the splurge. The cranberry bread that accompanies the mini cucumber sandwiches is a must-try, and the elegant silverware makes you feel like you’re dining with a princess.

The Four Seasons really goes out of their way to make you feel like you’re truly a Brit, and the 24-hour piano player in the hotel lobby is a great touch to the elegant ambiance.

2. Ladurée Harrods, Knightsbridge


Photo by Annabel Darling

Even though there is a Ladurée in Paris and numerous locations in NYC, this was still my favorite tea spot in London, despite the many restaurants that London has to offer — Ladurée has surely mastered afternoon tea. Tucked right in the back of the iconic Harrods building, the surrounding atmosphere and tasteful décor are what make this such a great afternoon tea spot.

Instead of tea, I tasted their latte (because I needed that caffeine boost after strolling around Harrods and testing out all the amazing food in the food hall all day). I definitely recommend it. I also loved the abundance of side dishes they offer with their drinks. From fresh gelato to every single macaron flavor you can think of, you most certainly cannot go wrong here.

#SpoonTip: Check out their seasonal macaron list — all the macarons are shipped straight from Paris, super fresh and delicious.

3. Fortnum and Mason’s, The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon


Photo by Annabel Darling

This tea room screams “royalty,” perhaps because it was actually opened by the Queen herself (they have been serving tea since 1707!). So yeah, it’s safe to say they know their stuff when it comes to tea, which is why it made my list. I highly recommend Fortnum and Mason’s Classic Blend Tea with an afternoon tea cake.

4. Sketch, Mayfair


Photo courtesy of Sketch.London

If you and your friends are looking for a fun, girly afternoon of tea, Sketch is your place. From the glass of champagne that you will receive pre-tea time extravaganza to the fresh scones and strawberry jam, Sketch is a place of fun vibrant colors and high quality food.

#SpoonTip: Check out the bathroom. The stalls are artistically designed as eggs, which is a little weird but very cool. 


Photo courtesy of thegrubdaily.com

5. Claridge’s, Mayfair


Photo courtesy of luxuo.com

This iconic hotel in London (where there are endless amounts of food exploring to be done) does tea time exquisitely. It is by the far the most elegant place on my list, and perhaps the tastiest. On their menu you will find scones of all flavors such as walnut, pear, and chocolate chip paired with clotted cream, which creates a delightful extraction of flavors. Just perfect.

#Spoon Tip: Book ahead. This is definitely a hot ticket in town and it fills up fast.