Everyone and their mothers probably have went or are planning to hit up Montreal for a fun filled reading week. If you're anything like me though, sometimes you have to save money and stay put. If you're still craving that Montreal-esque fix, you can check out these 6 Places Toronto can thank Montreal for. Let's all say "Merci, Montreal" to that.

1. La Diperie - 372 Danforth Avenue

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Sarah Katz

As an ice cream enthusiast, I like to always check out the newest spot. When I hear about decadent cones, my mouth immediately waters. I heard about La Diperie while I was visiting Montreal and my eyes went wide when I read about the Toronto location opening. This spot is conveniently located on the Danforth, so feel free to stop by one of the many Greek restaurants before this sweet indulgence. 

2. Apt. 200 - 1034 Queen Street West

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Sarah Katz

Apt. 200 is a hip spot to grab drinks with a friend or paint the town red with your squad. This place is literally what it sounds like, a bar disguised as an apartment. The Toronto location is nice, wide and open, and also in a very trendy location along West Queen West. If you're in a pinch for your next night out, think like the Quebecois and try out this place.

3. Eggspectation - 20 Albert Street

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Sarah Katz

This place holds a special place in my heart. I remember coming here as a kid when I would visit my grandparents in Montreal and ogling over the array of egg-y orders. The Toronto location is also not a place to miss, with the same great ambience and boat load of options. It's located right beside the Toronto Eaton Centre, so you can get your Saturday shopping in after splurging on brunch.

4. Cacao 70 (Multiple Locations) - 485 Queen Street West

Est-ce que tu veux le chocolat? Look no further. Cacao 70 is all about that cocoa, offering up different chocolate sensations for your dining pleasure. If you're really having a hard week, or simply experiencing a lingering sweet tooth, I would head to this sweet spot. There are multiple locations around Toronto, so even if you're aren't down on Queen West, there is also a location down in the Distillery District.

5. La Société - 131 Bloor Street West

Feeling fancy? Check out this Bloor Street location, right among the midst of luxury stores & expensive purchases. This location makes you feel like you're fine dining and leaves you with a French after taste. If you're in the mood for French cuisine and an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, make sure to stop by for brunch; you might get a lavish Instagram post out of it.

6. Natrel Milk Bar by Java U - 1092 Queen Street West

Last but not least, everyone needs a caffeine fix. Why not try out Natrel Milk Bar, down on West Queen West? This place offers a selection of dairy products for our lactose free friends; basically whipping up any combination as needed. It's cute, it's simple, and it's a good spot to just chill when exploring this trendy area.

Although we all sort of wish that we could go to Montreal on the regular, it's just not the reality for us struggling U of T kids. It's pretty spectacular that we can still find these Montreal hot spots in Toronto, too. If you're looking for the real deal, make sure to check out this page for your own personal guide. De rien.