One of the best things about having guests come to visit here in Montreal is exploiting the opportunity to check out restaurants you may not otherwise frequent. That said, choosing where to go can be quite the task depending on who’s visiting.

Don’t worry, though — your friends at Spoon have got you covered.

Your Parents: Schwartz’s


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Trust me, your parents are going to want to go to all the Montreal tourist spots. And is there anything more essentially Montreal than Schwartz’s Deli?

Honorable Mentions: Mercuri in Old Port (because you most likely can’t afford it yourself), fellow Montreal staple St. Viateur Bagels.

Your Significant Other: EVOO


Photo by Helena Lin

Because when boo comes to visit, you gotta splurge a little bit. EVOO in Saint-Henri is the perfect mix of luxury, creativity, and intimacy to impress your S.O.

Honorable Mentions: Bar Furco for a classy-cool spot downtown, Cafe Mezcal in the Lower Plateau if you are on a budget.

Your High School Friends: Lola Rosa


Photo courtesy of Lola Rosa

Nothing says Girl’s Night Out (at least in my book, anyway) than a plate of shareable nachos. Also Lola Rosa’s incredible and funky menu and it’s proximity to campus is sure to make your friends super jealous.

Honorable Mentions: Candi Bar for a unique and silly night out, a classier cosmopolitan vibe at Suwu, Faberge in Mile End for brunch.

#SpoonTip: Make a reservation at Lola Rosa, as it is always packed.

Your College-Bound Sib: La Distillerie


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This is the perfect prank to pull on your slightly younger sib– convincing them that all college drinking is as classy and hipster as La Distillerie. They won’t see it coming when 99% of their future college career is wasted on Natty Light and Smirnoff. Plus, free Goldfish in a mason jar.

Honorable Mentions: La Banquise for the classic Quebec poutine experience, Apt. 200 for a fun but somehow not grimy night out.

Your Lifelong BFF: L’Gros Luxe


Photo by Amy Jiang

Caesars with Burgers on Top, Philly Cheesesteak Poutine, Bahn Mi Tofu — L’Gros Luxe is just like your best friend: comforting but also totally wacky. Plus the homey vibe is perfect to facilitate some healthy nostalgia.

Honorable Mentions: Art’s Cafe for a delicious brunch, Tommy in Old Port for the fanciest coffee shop you will ever visit.

Your Cool Aunt: Pikolo Espresso Bar


Photo by Sophie Noel

The espresso drinks at Pikolo will exceed the expectations of even the most refined coffee snob. If you have a hipster aunt like mine, Pikolo’s coffee, baked goods, and general ambiance won’t disappoint.

Honorable Mentions: the under-appreciated Omnivore on St. Laurent, and critically acclaimed Pizzeria Magpie.

Your Monthly Visitor: Cacao 70


Photo by Ashley Marzouca

When the Lady in Red comes to visit every month, a chocolate pizza from Cacao 70 is exactly what you need. Indulge, ladies– you’ve earned it.

Honorable Mentions: Chef on Call for when you’d rather not change out of your PJs, or your local depanneur for some Ben and Jerry’s out of the carton.