No matter where I go, food is always on my mind, and I know that using Yelp for selecting all your food choices sometimes isn’t the best idea. So where should you go? Don’t worry. I’ve compiled some of the best places to eat in Montreal, and they’re all totally Instagram-worthy, too. With only 24 hours in Montreal, make sure to hit up these five-star spots for a good time, great food, and of course, perfect pictures.

Les Empoteuses


Photo courtesy of Les Empoteuses on Facebook

Look no further than Les Empoteuses for all your breakfast and brunch needs. It’s a cozy restaurant with incredible service and a fantastic atmosphere. The menu is filled with their takes on traditional breakfasts, such as crêpes and Eggs Benedict, and it changes with each season. Plus, their sides of fruit are all served in mini mason jars. How cute is that?

Olive & Gourmando


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Don’t know where to go for lunch? Head over to Olive & Gourmando for amazing sandwiches, paninis, and salads. They earned a spot on the list because of their local ingredients and quality food. Try one of their melt-in-your-mouth Cuban sandwiches (The Cubain). They also have a killer brunch… but no matter when you walk in, make sure to get yourself one of their amazing baked goods.



Photo by Liza Levitis

If you haven’t heard of Arepera du Plateau, then you probably don’t know that it’s one of the best Venezuelan restaurants in Montreal. This restaurant offers some of the best traditional, homemade Venezuelan food, including their signature arepas.

According to their menu, an arepa is a “traditional Venezuelan/Colombian hand-made 100% corn, gluten-free bread,” and it’s stuffed with a filling of your choice. So next time you’re in the neighborhood, definitely look into picking up one of their delicious Carne Mechada arepas, Legumbres arepas, or other fantastic combinations.

Bar à Beurre


Photo by Victoria Guo

Located in Old Montreal, this cute bakery is one of the best places to go if you’re looking for a pastry and something totally Instagram-worthy. Not only do they have a wide selection of delicious baked goods and sandwiches, but they also have an array of different types of coffee. If you’re in the area, definitely hit up this adorable European-style cafe for a memorable treat.

La Banquise


Photo courtesy of La Banquise on Facebook

No one should ever leave Montreal without paying a visit to the 24-hour diner La Banquise. They’re known for having some of the best (and most creative) poutine, so you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

There are over 30 mouth-watering combinations to choose from, including La Savoyarde, which is topped with bacon, caramelized onions, swiss cheese, and sour cream. Be prepared to wait, because it’s just as popular as the hottest club in town.