A perfectly fried egg has the potential to be anything from a light snack to a full-on protein-packed meal. Whether you are using an egg to add a savory, gooey consistency to your lunch, whipping up a fortifying breakfast or throwing it over a Sunday night dinner, an undercooked egg will not disappoint. Here are seven foods in the awkward limbo between snack and meal that a fried egg can take to the next level.

1. Potatoes


Photo courtesy of notesfromhomeplates.com

Finish off hash browns or home fries with a fried egg for breakfast. Or take a baked potato, smear on some sour cream and enjoy fried-egg-topped comfort food perfection. Recipe here.

2. Pizza


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This can be your standard cheese pizza or an inventive breakfast one. Either way, it can take a personal-sized pizza to a full meal. Recipe here.

3. Hamburger


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This is the perfect offbeat burger topping to contrast with a crispy patty. Recipe here.

4. Caprese 


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Add protein to a classic salad combo. You’ll get a different taste with every bite. Recipe here.

5. Avocado Toast


Photo by Julia Maguire

The creamy avocado melts in your mouth when paired with a warm egg. Recipe here.

6. Brussels Sprouts


Photo by Andrea Kang

Transform a simple veggie dish into a filling lunch or dinner. Recipe here.

7. Pasta 


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Step it up a notch when pasta is the only food left in your pantry. Recipe here.