Airbnb has become famous for housing rentals that often replace hotels when people travel. Renting an Airbnb property offers the ability to stay in a homey place while also saving money. But did you know that Airbnb also offers experiences? Hosted by locals, Airbnb provides classes, excursions, and tours to immerse yourself in any city you visit. Here are five unique Airbnb experiences in California that all adventurous, food-loving people must try this summer!

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Vienna Terrell

Cats & Coffee

Hosted by the founder of CatCafe Lounge, Los Angeles' only non-profit cat cafe, guests can enjoy a coffee or tea as they spend time in the cat lounge with more than 30 freely roaming cats. The CatCafe provides a safe space for cats to roam freely until they are adopted, saving them from euthanization while caring for them in a loving, social environment. You can enjoy petting and playing with kittens while supporting an animal-friendly cause in the process!

Cheesemaking With an Artisan

Hosted at FARMcurious headquarters in Berkeley by a founder who has been making cheese for over eight years, this Airbnb experience teaches beginners how to make four different types of cheeses, including ricotta, feta, yogurt and crème fraîche. Enjoy sipping on wine and nibbling on cheese as you not only learn about the history and science of cheesemaking, but also whip up your own delicious cheeses!

Honey, I'm Home!

Don a beekeeping suit during this Airbnb experience, visit an apiary and sample the apiary's sweet products as you participate in a honey tasting! Talk about all things bees, pollination and honey with your skilled beekeeper host as you marvel at the beautiful flowers on the farm. Then relax by the orchard and greenhouse as you talk and taste honey in this Davis, California-based experience.

Ice Cream Rolling

Visit Chillbachi in Los Angeles and learn how to roll your own ice cream during this Airbnb experience! You'll learn how to work the ice grill, and then you can roll and eat as much rolled ice cream as your heart — and stomach — desires. You can get creative with flavors, and if you bring any toppings like cereals or candies, you are welcome to test them out in your rolled ice cream!

Segway Around Wine Country

Led by Sonoma natives, you can explore the beautiful wine country of Sonoma while riding a segway with this Airbnb experience. Visit vineyards and wineries, taste wine and cheese and discuss both the history and science of winemaking. Later, enjoy a blissful picnic lunch, then keep riding your Segway! 

These experience span across different regions in California, allowing you to discover California's beautiful regional diversity when you try all of the experiences. Grab your friends for a fun, foodie-friendly road trip and learn new things along the way. Or try them out by yourself and meet new friends in different cities during each experience!