From soft serve to gelato, there are many different types of ice cream we can indulge in. Last year, the world was introduced to a new kind of ice cream: rolled. Rolled ice cream is exactly what it sounds like. It is ice cream that is rolled to form swirly cylinders. Originally made in Thailand, this frozen treat has recently expanded to our neck of the woods. Here are five rolled ice cream shops you must try! 

1. Absolute Zero

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Cassidy Rizza

Located in Montclair, New Jersey, Absolute Zero has become a popular place to go to for New Jerseyans! There are nine flavors to choose from and the cup of ice cream will cost you approximately $7. There is a clear window display so each customer can watch the worker create their tasty treat!

2. Holy Roly

In 2015, Holy Roly opened its organic handmade ice cream shop on the west coast, specifically in Los Angeles. You can add many tasty treats to your ice cream, including roasted marshmallows.

3. Icesmile

Icesmile is in the heart of Tampa, Florida and draws in customers who attend the University of South Florida. A few of the flavors Icesmile serves are Matcha Galore and Bangkok Summer.

4. Aha Crepe

There is even a place that serves rolled ice cream in the Midwest! Aha Crepe is a toothsome restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. The seven flavors of rolled ice cream that are served include Mr. Reese, Mango Tango, Old School Matcha, Strawberry Forest, Nutella Oreo, Chocolate Delight, and Chili Cream.

5. Simply Rollie's

Despite the occasional chilly weather, the heat is inevitable in the arid desert environments. Located in Tucson, Arizona, Simply Rollie's is the perfect place to go snack on ice cream to keep cool. You will not be able to find a rolled ice cream place in the desert quite like this one because Simply Rollie's is the only one in Tucson.

Why sprint to an ice cream truck, when you can try rolled ice cream? Roll on over to a rolled ice cream shop near you to find out what all of the hype is about!