Having been lucky enough to travel to Thailand, I already knew how popular rolled ice cream was. Unfortunately, I was not able to try this intriguing dessert while I was abroad, but I that didn't stop me from getting to it eventually. Rolled ice cream started becoming popular in the New Jersey area towards the end of the summer in 2016. With very few shops opening up in the area and given its rapidly growing popularity, I knew it would not be an easy find.

Rolled Ice Cream? What's That?

For those who don't know what rolled ice cream is, or are curious as to how it is made, let me explain. Rolled ice cream is a hand made ice cream. The process starts by pouring milk on to an iced grill that is well below zero degrees. It is then mixed with fruit, cookies, or a variety of different ingredients and is manipulated and mixed with paddles. The ice cream is then spread out of the circle and a spatula is used to push the ice cream into strips that roll up and are put into a cup.

Where Can I Find Rolled Ice Cream?

Fortunately, Montclair is a town that is home to many unique food places. This meant that when the school year rolled around so would a "Coming Soon!" sign on the storefront of Absolute Zero.

This store would feature nine different flavors of rolled ice cream for the price of $7. But be warned, you may need to wait 30 minutes for this sweet treat because each order is made in front of you. Plus, a treat this special takes time and energy to make...but it is so worth the wait.

My Experience

I first went on a Wednesday night about an hour and half before closing time. We were told even before ordering that it would be about 30 minutes until our ice cream would be made. Since I had the time, we waited.

After waiting I finally got to see my ice cream be made. I ordered So Fresh So MintMint, which is milk with a mint Oreo cookie. At Absolute Zero there are 3 grills (or pans) with 4 workers making the ice cream. With all the work they're doing they have to swap in and out to give their arms a rest.

I watched as my ice cream was made, as the milk was poured on the pan and one mint Oreo was placed in the center. The server then went away at chopping and crushing the Oreo and mixing the milk that started to freeze as some of the most beautiful ice cream art I've seen. He then spread it out and started to scrape up the ice cream into rolls.

After putting the five rolls into a cup I was allowed to pick as many toppings as I wanted. Wanting my ice cream to shine by itself, I added whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles. 

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Cassidy Rizza

After taking plenty of pictures I finally took my first bite (probably 45 minutes later). And oh boy was it worth it. The ice cream was so fresh and so packed with flavor, and the effect that one mint Oreo can put into some milk was mind-blowing.

I played it safe by ordering mint and Oreo, two flavors I was familiar with. However Absolute Zero can add anything from bananas and Nutella to matcha green tea and strawberries to Thai iced tea and coconut flakes into their ice cream! Every item on their menu is so different that it creates a new experience each time. (#SpoonTip: Go with an empty stomach, as they only have one serving size which I could barely finish...and yes I'm a girl who can eat!)

There's no doubt that I'll be back to Absolute Zero the next time I'm on Bloomfield Ave in Montclair. Think twice before you're about to order dessert from whatever restaurant you're at in this area, because this decadent ice cream shop is right there. Do your stomach a favor (it's practically begging you to go) and try out Absolute Zero ASAP.