Born and raised in Los Angeles, I lived in southern California until moving to northern California for college. There is a reason some people say the two areas are like different states, but I didn’t know why until I tried both for myself.

NorCal is full of...


tea, coffee, milk
Emma Davis

I tried authentic boba for the first time in NorCal, and instead of grabbing smoothies with friends like I did in LA, now my friends and I meet for boba! There are so many flavors!


coffee, cappuccino, espresso, mocha, chocolate, milk, cream
Allie Hicks

I love pulling out my boots and scarves for fall! Sweater weather is real here, and it makes for cozy, cute outfits with warm lattes in my hand daily.

Environmental Consciousness

broccoli, carrot, vegetable, farmer's market, shop local, local farm, local vegetables, fresh vegetables, organic vegetables, swiss chard, kale
Sam Jesner

Since I moved to NorCal, I have been able to rock my Patagucci, hike in hella stunning forests, bike everywhere, view the greenest trees and learn the greatness of public transportation. Living in Davis, I’m around cows and farms, and I totally dig the agriculture vibes.

And SoCal has...

Mexican Food and allllllllll the avocado

guacamole, vegetable, herb, avocado
Jocelyn Hsu

I can’t even taco-bout how delicious the Mexican food in SoCal is. The avocado is so fresh, and Taco Tuesday is a weekly event. *cue the avocado and taco emojis*


Kendal Koorenny

I definitely miss riding along Pacific Coast Highway, spending days at the beach in Malibu and enjoying acai bowls as the best post-beach snack! Surfer babes and shaka bros soak up the year-round sunshine.

Amusement Parks

Hannah Francis

Disneyland and Magic Mountain and Universal Studios and Harry Potter World and Knott’s Berry Farm, oh my! There is always a fun park to visit with friends and snag the perfect Insta picture. Amusement parks are even beginning to offer a greater variety of food options now, like Disneyland’s new vegan jackfruit burger.

I think both NorCal and SoCal are amazing, and California has definitely stolen my heart. Neither is better; they’re just different. But I like it that way!