Drinking to drink is one thing, but drinking to enjoy is another. Whether you're a #whiskeyhater or one who doesn't want to be, here are 18 whiskey mixers to try that might make your night more bearable. 

1. Lemon-Lime Soda

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If you're a noobie to whiskey mixers, this is an easy place to start. There's nothing like sweet and citrus to distract from the sting when you down your drink too fast. Here are some easy Jack Daniels cocktails to try. 

2. Coca-Cola

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Not Diet Coke. As one of the most iconic whiskey mixers out there, the point is to mix sweet with smokey to compliment the kick not to screw it up by sipping what you shouldn't. 

Spoontip: Try other Coke flavors, substitute with Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb, or add a lime wedge for a Cuba Libre. Here are 9 coke cocktails that aren't rum and coke.

3. Ginger Ale

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If you've got a sweet tooth but not the taste buds for whiskey, here's the mixer for you. Some would say it's a little too sweet, but the fire's gotta be watered-down somehow. Here are the 5 best ginger ales to try with your next drink. 

4. Ginger Beer

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For more spice, go with this ginger instead. It's often used in cocktails but not often with whiskey. It's like trying auburn instead of strawberry blond coloring; it's dependent on preference. And also your hairstylist. Here's the difference between ginger beer and ginger ale.

5. Orange Juice

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You might be #shook, but this is one of the most reliable whiskey mixers. Most whiskeys pair well with this juice, because of its lower acidity compared to lemon or lime. Here are 13 orange juice cocktails you should be ordering, besides a mimosa. 

Spoontip: Also, blood orange is a thing (not the vampire kind), so try this blood orange punch to get better acquainted.

8. Tea 

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For some reliability as well as versatility, tea makes for a refreshing combo. Go hot or cold; green or chai. Either way, you'll come out winning 'cause variety helps you find the right one eventually. Just like dating. Here's how to make Tennessee-style iced tea.

9. Grapefruit Juice

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Honestly, grapefruit is so underrated. I know this is a new one, but try it before you bash it. It adds a sweet, unique twist without overpowering. And if you want to get fancy, add honey to make a Brown Derby

Spoontip: See what you're missing with these 21 grapefruit recipes you should make this summer (or anytime really)

10. Apple Cider

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Although this could be considered the "pumpkin spice" of whiskey mixers, it's good in any season. It enhances and complements the oaky notes with a caramel edge. Plus, apple makes everything healthier, right? Here are 5 health benefits of drinking whiskey that are worth cheersing to.

11. Lemonade

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Jocelyn Hsu

Since we're adulting, lemonade can be spiked, although I don't recommend selling it from a stand in your cul-de-sac. Or maybe the grown-ups would appreciate that. 

Spoontip: Add fruit like blackberries or any berry really to make it extra delicious. Here are 3 summer cocktail recipes to try that'll make you love whiskey. 

12. Cranberry Juice 

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Yes, juicing is a thing, but #juicingthewhiskey is a thing too. Cranberry adds a subtle sweetness to its heaviness. As long as you proportion right, of course. Here's why you should drink whiskey over vodka.

14. Peach Juice 

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The truth is most juices work as whiskey mixers, peach included. It's unique and a little flirty, so try it out if you're not charmed by whiskey itself. But just know, whiskey will win you over someday. At least it likes to think so. 

Spoontip: I'd definitely recommend blackberry or grape juice as well. But before you get started, here's everything you've ever wanted to know about whiskey.

15. Sprite

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If whiskey isn't your thing, sweet sodas often cover up its more intricate flavors (i.e. the stuff you don't like). Like Coke, Sprite is a safe option with plenty of flavors to choose from. And just so you know, here is the difference between whiskey and bourbon. 

16. Club Soda

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Con: you'll probably taste the whiskey more. Pro: it'll neutralize it slightly and won't be too sweet. Come brave but thirsty. Here's why whiskey will always be the real MVP of the night.

17. Coffee 

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For all the night owls out there, Irish Coffee is the way to start your night. This drink is probably the most famous, but you can use any whiskey type to spike this caffeinated beverage. Try it hot or cold 'cause it goes either way. 

Spoontip: Add two ounces of bourbon to a mug and top it with equal parts coffee and hot chocolate. Also, here are 5 cocktails to try with Irish Whiskey

18. Sweet Vermouth 

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Yes, this suggested mixer is actually an aromatized wine. So go full-out alcoholic and mix two parts whiskey to one part sweet vermouth for an (almost) Manhattan. Although traditionally made with rye, use bourbon for a sweeter taste. Here are 5 classy bourbons that won't break the bank

Bonus: Old-Fashioned

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If these whiskey mixers help make your night more bearable, then I've done my job well. If for whatever reason you want to do straight whiskey, then you should at least do it right. Here's how to make an old-fashioned no-frills whiskey cocktail in less than a minute.

Spoontip: If that's too much for you, make a Mint Julep worthy of the Kentucky Derby.