Whiskey has a high alcohol content but is low-carb and fat-free.

Read: it gets you drunk without making you fat. Compared to many cocktails and beers, whiskey is a relatively low-calorie alcohol. Also, since it is a low-carb alcohol, you can drink it without a spike in blood sugar levels. If you are diabetic,  this should definitely be your drink of choice.

Need more antioxidants in your diet? Sip on some whiskey.


Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Whiskey is rich in antioxidants and several vitamins. Drinking whiskey can prevent cancer, reduce your risk of having a stroke or developing heart disease, and improve brain health. In addition, the circulation-boosting effects of whiskey help fight stress and lengthen your lifespan. No wonder whiskey means “water of life“.

Whiskey has long been used as a digestive aid.

Consuming whiskey after meal will not only prevent you from overeating but can aid in digestion, especially after a heavy meal.

Whiskey lasts a very long time.

Properly sealed whiskey basically has no expiration date. And after a bottle is opened, it will look and taste the same for at least five years. That bottle sitting on your shelf? Don’t sweat it if it isn’t finished by the time graduation rolls around.

There are an infinite number of mixed drinks that you can make with whiskey.


Photo by Jamie Gebhardt.

You can mix a drink as simple as a whiskey sour or Jack and coke. If you’d like something a bit classier and more mature, try a Manhattan cocktail.

Let’s be real: We all drink whiskey because it’s so damn delicious.

All the health benefits are just a plus. Even without them, we would all still  be sipping whiskey every weekend. Whiskey lovers know how it is: it just gives you life.