With Valentine's Day creeping up right around midterms, everybody's in the same broke, busy boat. Whether you plan on spending the day with some girlfriends, with a SO or by yourself, it's important to remember the Valentine's Day is very much a day of gifts, so don't show up anywhere empty-handed.

Now, it's not like Christmas or a birthday where you have to put in too much effort, but everybody likes to receive a little something to let them know you're thinking of them. And if you're your own valentine this year, you definitely want to treat yourself.

If you're short on time or cash this Valentine's Day (or maybe you and your SO decided you would make the gifts this year), here are some sweet treats and damn good recipes that will prove it's the thought that counts.

1.  German Chocolate Brownie

Nothing screams Valentine's Day quite like chocolate, especially ooey, gooey chocolate. That's right. This ultimate dessert is a brownie/german chocolate cake/little piece of heaven. The best part is that if you're making it for a group, everyone gets their own personal cake. Just because it's a day of love doesn't mean it's a day to share desserts. 

2. Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

cookie, chocolate, cake, dough
Rachel Harbut

If you show up to any Valentine's or Galentine's party with this bad boy you're sure to receive all the love. There is nothing better than a giant cookie that everyone can dig into with a spoon. You can't have too many cookies if it's just one big cookie... right?

3. Rose Macarons

If you're looking to get cute this V-day and maybe show off your (limited) pastry skills, these rose macarons are perfect. This bite-sized party treat will be the star of the show and you'll look like a culinary genius for actually pulling off french macarons. 

4. Cupid Float

sweet, cream, milk, tea, coffee
Maria Serghiou

Valentine's Day is the time to heat up and forget that you probably have frost bite on at least three of your toes. So shove that winter weather aside and enjoy an ice cream float. All you really need is some cherry soda and vanilla ice cream (other ingredients are optional) and you have a perfect dessert with minimal effort.

5. Easy Crepes

pastry, sweet, dough, cream, cake
Catherine Wong

These crazy easy crepes only take 15 minutes to make. So, if you have some company coming over and forgot to make dessert (or burnt whatever you had in the oven) you can make these crepes in no time. The basic ingredients are pretty similar to a pancake so you won't have to hit the grocery store. As for the filling, just load them up with whatever you find in your pantry and fridge.

6. Chocolate Avocado Truffles

Hana Baig

For your vegan or health conscious valentine, try these chocolate avocado truffles that you can customize to your own taste. You'll need avocado, chocolate and cocoa powder. I promise they won't taste like an avocado. Then you can coat them with anything you have lying around -- Nuts, sprinkles, more cocoa powder, whatever you'd like.

7. V-Day Cookies

cake, cookie, sweet, candy, chocolate
Sidney Uttam

For those of you who are looking for something a little more aesthetically pleasing this V-day, try these gorgeous cookies. It might take a few more ingredients and a bit more time than your average chocolate chip cookie, but the result is worth it. Get creative and experiment with cookie art. It may not turn out perfectly on your first try but someone will appreciate the effort.

8. Chocolate Raspberry Bonbons

A box of chocolates is a Valentine's Day staple, but so overpriced. make your own little box of chocolates that look just as fancy as the store bought ones. Nobody will ever know. You can even package them up in a box with a bow and give them out to all your friends and family.

9. Cinnamon Roll Caramel Apple Pie

sweet, candy, pastry, cake
Hailey Ennis

Cinnamon, apple, caramel, and roses. The perfect Valentine's Day dessert. Upgrade your Pillsbury cinnamon bun dough into these beautiful roses that are almost too pretty to eat. Anybody would be happy to receive a box of apple pie roses. It's comfort food and romance all wrapped up into one amazing treat.

10. Sticky Toffee Pudding

I know sticky toffee pudding might not be something we all eat on a regular basis but that's what makes it a special gift. Baking something outside of the box will show that you put more thought into your gift than just making a batch of regular brownies. Whoever you share this gift with will be really impressed with your baking repertoire. 

11. DIY Ice Cream

chocolate, coffee, cream, sweet, ice, milk
Catherine Wong

If you want to go simple, but not too simple, try making your own ice cream. You can pair this with another dessert (maybe an apple pie or a crepe) or you can have it on its own. This chocolate ice cream is easy to make and way more rewarding than a store-bought tub. You can even package it up nicely and deliver homemade ice cream to all your loved ones.

12. Floral Pancakes

Flowers are essentially worthless unless you can eat them. Right? Edible flowers will make your pancakes look fancy and they're super easy. If you're in charge of breakfast this Valentine's Day, this is the perfect gift to wake up to. 

13. PB and Kiss Cookies

peanut butter, chocolate, peanut, butter
Annie Pinto

Give someone a kiss -- or a lot of them. Whip up these peanut butter kiss cookies for anybody who likes peanut butter and chocolate (which is everyone). Nobody can resist this heavenly combo, so spread the love with these chocolate kisses and show someone how much you care.

14. Pizza Roses

Is anything really more romantic than pizza? Don't try going over the top with real (expensive) flowers when they're just going to die in a few days. Even though these pizza roses might be gone faster, at least you know someone will really enjoy them. A little more effort than ordering a pizza, a little less effort than ordering roses. The perfect Valentine's gift.

There's no need to spend big bucks this Valentine's Day because the key to everyone's heart is dessert. Aside from being a great study break, baking your gifts will show your friends, SO, and family that you put more thought into your gifts then just picking up a bunch of chocolates.