Now that December is in full swing, 'tis the season to get out your ugly Christmas sweaters, Christmas lights, and cooking utensils to celebrate the jolliest time of the year. To really get in the spirit, crank up the festive tunes (translation: "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey) to blast while you're in the kitchen making these Christmas brunch recipes that'll make it easy to wake up early on December 25.

1. Overnight Eggnog Baked French Toast

To kick off the Christmas brunch recipes, I had to start with overnight eggnog French toast. Now, I know eggnog is a polarizing food, but it is one of the most quintessential Christmas flavors, so don't be a Grinch and enjoy this decadent dish that only takes 40 minutes to prepare. As an added bonus, you can spike it (we recommend peppermint Schnapps, but rum works, too) to make the holiday season that much jollier.

2. Boozy Peppermint Hot Chocolate

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Julia Muro

Speaking of boozy Christmas drinks, try out this spiked peppermint hot chocolate to make your favorite, nostalgic childhood drink adult-ified. It's the perfect complement to wash down all the tasty food you're about to eat.

3. Snowman Bagel Bombs

For the cutest flavor explosion that also makes the perfect handheld appetizer, try your hand at these bagel snowmen. Though this recipe calls for cream cheese, chives, and bagel seasoning (one of the many uses of Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning), feel free to get creative with the filling. Cream cheese and cinnamon sugar or Nutella anyone?

4. Ham Strata

cheese, casserole, bacon, ham
Buck Patton

If you've got stale bread and forgot to make something for your family's annual Christmas potluck, I've got you covered with this ham strata. Packed with ham, gruyere cheese, and cranberries, this sweet and savory flavor combination will surely be a hit, so make sure you make yourself an extra plate to bring home for later.

5. Orange Cranberry Cinnamon Roll Tree

I love orange and cranberry bread, and I love cinnamon rolls, so why not combine the two to make a stunning showstopper that'll impress even Paul and Mary Berry? Though this orange cranberry cinnamon roll tree looks super intimidating and grand, it's fairly straightforward, so grab your baby cousins and get rolling.

6. Candied Brown Sugar Bacon 

It wouldn't be brunch without a side (or plate) of thick bacon strips. Spice them up (or, should we say, sweeten them up) by baking them in brown sugar. The caramelization will make them extra crispy and addictive.

7. Kale Salad Wreath

vegetable, salad, parsley, broccoli, rapini, lettuce, tomato, onion, kale, pepper
Zoe Pesce

Though it is the holiday season, you still have to get your daily dose of veggies in. Make it easy and fun by making this very photogenic kale wreath. It's a nutrient-dense, fresh side to accompany the rest of your Christmas brunch recipes.

8. Holiday Berry Meringue Wreath

We've got a savory wreath, so of course I had to include a sweet one, too. This is a more time-intensive dish, but your friends and family will appreciate all the effort you put into creating this light and airy sweet treat.

#SpoonTip: Need some help whipping those egg whites to make the soft peaks? Follow these steps to whip up the perfect meringue.

9. Apple Pie Donuts

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Maxwell Faucher

Brunch is the perfect excuse to have dessert for breakfast, so turn your favorite all-American dessert into a Christmas brunch recipe that'll fill the house with its warm, mouth-watering scents. Since this recipe calls for pre-made pie crust, the hardest part is cutting up all the ingredients and waiting the six minutes to fry these bad boys up.

10. Dutch Baby Pancake 

On every other day of the year, I'm a waffle person in the pancakes vs. waffles debate, but on Christmas day, I'm a pancake person because of Dutch babies, aka giant pancakes baked in a skillet. Super thick and fluffy, top your Dutch baby with everything from candied pecans to a berry compote.

11. Bourbon Honey Glazed Ham

Did you really think we could have a roundup of the best Christmas brunch recipes without including the main star of any Christmas meal, the honey-glazed ham? Though traditional honey-glazed ham is a godsend in and of itself, this bourbon-infused ham recipe will become your go-to year after year because of its smokey kick to cut the sweetness. Get a larger ham than you think you'll need to ensure the leftovers because this main dish will run out, quick.

12. Santa Bread

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me not twelve drummers drumming, but the final Christmas brunch recipe: this Santa bread reminiscent of a good old Danish. This takes about three hours to make, so you can watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas twice while creating this masterpiece!

Whether you make one of these recipes for Christmas brunch or all of them, bookmark this page to commemorate the jolliest time of the year. Your loved ones and stomach will thank me later.