It’s that time of the year: eggnog is back on the shelves of the grocery store! I take full advantage of its creamy deliciousness during the short month it is sold. I will literally buy this stuff in bulk. I’m the chick that’s ordering eggnog lattes at Starbucks and making eggnog quick bread, eggnog casserole and eggnog dip. I’m sure you haven’t even heard of half of these odd eggnog recipes. What I know you have heard of is a good ole spiked eggnog, though.

To spare you from the pain of combining eggnog with a liquor that makes the consistency of your drink sus AF or taste like the holidays gone wrong, I tested all different types of liquor to find the best spiked eggnog duo. I not only rate it on taste, but also holiday spiritness.

If you’re not familiar with this word, it obviously means the scale of how badly it makes you want to sing “All I Want for Christmas” and the Michael Bublé christmas album at the top of your lungs. I found some pairings that put me in the holiday spirit and made me do just that #noshame.

Combo #1: Peppermint Schnapps and Eggnog

Taste: 10/10

Holiday Spiritness: 10/10

Holy f*ck! I found a match made in heaven. I could take back ten of these and be so satisfied. On holiday spiritness, I swear this drink turned me into Mrs. Claus.

Combo #2: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Eggnog 

Taste: 9/10

Holiday Spiritness: 8/10

In the spirit of giving, I will bless you with another sweet pairing. Spiced rum and eggnog will rock your world. No, I didn’t turn into Mrs. Claus gulping down this mixture, but I could definitely jam to some Christmas music while sipping on this drink.

Combo #3: Unflavored Vodka and Eggnog

Taste: 0/10

Holiday Spiritness: 0/10

If I could go negative on the taste and spirit scale, I would for this drink. Serve this at your holiday party if you want all the guests to leave.

Combo #4: Patron and Eggnog 

alcohol, liquor, vodka, wine, beer
Lucy Carlisle

Taste: 2/10

Holiday Spiritness: 0/10

Ba hum bug. This pairing made me want to skip Christmas all together—ugh. Like a margarita, but not at all. It may have honestly ruined a good marg for me. 

Combo #5: Bourbon and Eggnog 

coffee, beer, tea
Lucy Carlisle

Taste: 5/10

Holiday Spiritness: 3/10 

This drink is so average and is nothing worthy of a Christmas celebration. If you're looking for nothing special, this is the drink for you. Sub par is the only way I can describe it. 

Combo #6: Whiskey and Eggnog 

Taste: 6/10

Holiday Spiritness: 3/10

Another pairing similar to Bourbon and eggnog. This drink definitely didn't get me feeling some type of way—it actually made me feel nothing at all. Santa Clause ain't coming to town for this drink. 

Combo #7: Cognac and Eggnog

liquor, beer, alcohol, wine
Lucy Carlisle

Taste: 10/10

Holiday Spiritness: 4/10 

This is some expensive shiz. I'm talking the stuff you need to steal out of your parents liquor cabinet expensive (which is exactly what I did—but shh, don't tell my mom). If you stuff my stocking with cognac, I'll be a happy girl. But on the spirit scale, it doesn't rate super high.

There you have it—seven ways you can mix up your egg nog game this holiday season. From Tequila to Cognac, there is no limit with what you can do with the magic of alcohol. Although this is my personal ranking, I'll leave it up to you. Which one is your favorite combo?